Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)

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Like communicating with a woman from another century. A young woman desperate to save her brother. Her love for John is strong as she feels protective of them because they are orphans, dependent on the kindness of strangers. Truman is the answer to her prayer, even if his world is beyond her comprehension or understanding. He never hesitates to do everything he can to rescue this ethereal figure. That Verity can see through time and space intrigues me. This book pulled me in from the beginning, held me intrigued through the time travel, and kept me breathlessly hoping for a happy ending.

Definitely an enjoyable book for lovers of history, the paranormal, time travel, and — above all else — love. Beautiful story about time travel from Salem in the 's with nothing to do witchcraft I received this free from audiobookdotcom for an honest review. If you could sum up Where Bluebirds Fly in three words, what would they be?

Three words to sum up "Where Bluebirds Fly" would be fantastic, intriguing, and amazing! This was a very well written story. Who was your favorite character and why?

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Verity was my favorite character but I enjoyed them all. I really liked the role she played in the story. Parts of the story were very detailed and a few times I lost track of the characters as it moved back and forth but with that being said, I thought this was a fantastic audiobook. There was everything to like about her performance.


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Very impressive. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? Listening to this audiobook was relaxing to me. Any additional comments? I will look for more books by Brynn Chapman. I received this audiobook foc in exchange for an unbiased review. Where Bluebirds Fly is a unique and educational story about sensory disorders written by Brynn Chapman.

It kind of threw me for a loop because I was expecting a supernatural story set during the Salem witch trials. What I got was an explanation for why some people see things differently than others and which probably caused mass hysteria back in John is described like someone with Asperger's Syndrome think Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory , and Verity sees auras colors and geometric patterns.

Our hero Truman also suffers from a condition that gives him the ability to tell if someone is lying. Truman and Verity meet with the assistance of a magical corn maze.

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Apparently, the maze is on a type of wormhole that periodically opens a time portal to Salem. The basic theme in the story is that true love heals all wounds - and may even transcend time. Karen Krause did an excellent job narrating the story. She gives each character their own distinct voice and seamlessly switches between genders and characters with ease. John the Blacksmith doesn't know what is at the bottom of the stairs leading down from the dungeon.

With any luck, he'll never find out. Then one day he has to go into the dungeon to fetch more coal and comes face to face with the dragon that has risen from the depths. It looks like today John's luck may have run out. Or is it just beginning?

When the King and Queen were ready to have a child, the Queen did what all good queens do; she visited the local witch. But she forgot to specify the King wanted a boy child. On the Princess' 18th birthday, the King, who was a very disagreeable King, banished the Princess to an island surrounded by nine whirlpools and guarded by a dragon AND a gryphon.

There she would spend eternity sewing her wedding dress and waiting for a Prince clever enough to free her. Have you ever wanted to travel to the North Pole? See the Aurora Borealis up close and personal? Well, make sure you catch up to George and Jane, two disobedient children, who on December 11th, set out to do just that, finding adventure and a dragon on the way. Effie and Harry decide something must be done, so they set out to wake St. For children from five to 95, these stories are not to be taken seriously.

The island kingdom of Rotundia is normal in every way but one - all the animals are the wrong sizes. And when a purple dragon finds its way to the island and desires the princess as a birthday present, young Tom the garderners son, along with his lap dog sized elephant Fido, must find a way to save her.

Let your imagination run wild!! When Allison Mack's boyfriend and his family are killed in a car wreck, she suspects that her life will never be the same.

Synesthesia-Shift Series

She knows it for sure when her dead boyfriend comes to visit her on her sixteenth birthday. He warns her to beware of Under Places and then disappears again, only to reappear later. Is she losing her mind, or is something supernatural going on? Ally finds out something startling about her own family. They are all in terrible danger, and she might be the only one who can save them Verity Montague is a servant in Salem.

Her flaming red hair and mismatched eyes make her a prime target for accusation of witchcraft. Orphaned during the Indian raids, she and her brother with Asperger's Syndrome come to live with the key historical figures of the trials-The Putnams. They keep their synesthesia secret- that days, months and years appear as color in Verity's mind, and for John, that symphonies play in a Fantasia-style performance of colors and geometric patterns.

Truman Johnstone 's ability to discern people's expressions, and decipher if they were lying- made him an outspoken child. Being different kept him from being adopted till he was fourteen. He now runs an orphanage for problem youths, and is a feeding therapist in his desire to help children deal with their peculiarities.

To give them the childhood he never had. Present day A man returns to a long-abandoned neighborhood. Doors stand ajar, shutters hang open, lawns and landscaping are unkempt. Journey back to The man is just a boy. He and his friends find that their neighborhood, a cul-de-sac set into the foothills along the California coast, is not all that it appears.

There are strange happenings - some amazing, some terrifying, and all pointing to the fact that this little community of families might just be something other than what the rest of the world perceives it to be. Thirteen year-old Ben Foster, along with his friends Peter and Louis, and his older sister, Julie, set out to find the secret behind the peculiar events that the outside world doesn't see and that those living in the neighborhood either choose to ignore or are conspiring to keep hidden.

A cabal of five powerful shadowy men controlling the life and death "Trials" of these poor souls. This is the world of "The Preserve". In season 1. In the second season of the Preserve first contact is made between several contestants, questions are answered, and new questions are posed.

Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia Shift, book 1) by Brynn Chapman

In the outside world a love reporter is leaked information from within the Preserve. Among the Cabal members the strain of unforeseen anomalies cause fractures to appear. In the hive, the Librarian and Game Master maneuver behind the scenes while the Warrior and the Prince plot and craft their own secret plans. While they plot and plan, Eli locates Jennings in Atlanta with only one goal… to make him talk.

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Lewis; Melissa Studdard is here! Annalise of the Verdant Hills is one of the most delightful protagonists to skip through the pages of literature since Dorothy landed in Oz. Join Annalise and her two walking, talking wondersheep as they travel to ever more outlandish places and meet outrageous and enlightening folk on their journey to discover interconnectedness in a seemingly disconnected world.

Discover with them how just one person can be the start of the change we all strive for. A book for all ages, for all time: wonderful, wacky, and bursting with truth! Joel Berger's charmed life is slipping away. Determined to father a child before he dies, Joel makes one desperate appeal to the women of his macrobiotic dinner group for help. Soon he is surrounded by a colorful cast of female characters, including his iron-willed yet oddly endearing mother, Sylvia.

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Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1) Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)
Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1) Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)
Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1) Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)
Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1) Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)
Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1) Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)
Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1) Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)

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