Willie Mouse Finds A House

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He wakes up to find that he is on a very bumpy journey to a town. The hamper is delivered to a house in the town. Timmy Willie is frightened by the noises that he can hear outside. When the house's cook opens the hamper, she screams at the sight of Timmy Willie.


Minnie Mouse

She calls for the cat and for a poker with which to strike the mouse. Timmy Willie quickly gets out of the hamper, finds a mousehole and goes inside it. After going inside the mousehole, Timmy Willie falls for about six inches and lands on top of a table. Ten mice are sitting around the table and having a dinner party. One of the mice, Johnny Town-Mouse, is very surprised at first to see a strange mouse land on the table.

Soon afterwards, however, he introduces Timmy Willie to the other nine mice and invites him to join the party. Although the other mice notice Timmy Willie's short tail, they are too polite to say anything about it directly. Timmy Willie has never seen any of the foodstuffs that are being served before.

Steamboat Willie

When he finds out that the two young mice who are bringing food from the kitchen to the mousehole are having to evade the cat, Timmy Willie loses his appetite completely. Johnny Town-Mouse invites Timmy Willie to sleep in what he genuinely believes is the best place in the house, a cushion with a hole in it on the sofa.

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Timmy Willie finds that the sofa smells of cat and decides to sleep in front of the fireplace instead, even though it is not comfortable there. Timmy Willie spends several days in the town house.

Minnie Mouse

Although Johnny Town-Mouse tries hard to make him feel welcome there, Timmy Willie is not happy in the town. He does not like the noises, he is not used to the food and he lives in fear of the cat. Johnny Town-Mouse tells Timmy Willie that he can leave the town the same way that he came. The empty hamper is returned to the country every Saturday.

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Timmy Willie follows Johnny Town-Mouse's advice. Timmy Willie and Johnny Town-Mouse in the country. Original illustration by Beatrix potter. After having returned to the country, Timmy Willie resumes his happy life.

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He sometimes looks at the hamper, although he now knows better than to go inside it. Months pass and he almost forgets about his time in the town.

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The following spring, Timmy Willie is pleasantly surprised to see Johnny Town-Mouse walking down the garden path. Johnny Town-Mouse explains that the family that owns the house where he lives has gone to the seaside. The cook has stayed in the house and has been told to clean it and get rid of all of the mice. There are now also four kittens in the house as well as the cat. Donald expresses envy about not being the host of the club and vents about it to Daisy , who tells him he'll surely get a chance to be the host someday.

Just then, Pete barges in and orders the crew to leave, saying he has just bought the building and is now shutting the place down. However, Mickey finds a clause in the contract that says Pete cannot shut the club down as long as they have a show going on. Pete storms out, saying he'll make sure the show doesn't go on. The first two cartoons of the day are shown, but when the next cartoon does not come up, Mickey and Minnie go up to Horace 's booth to investigate and find him tied up, saying that someone has stolen their cartoons.

Mickey figures that Pete is the culprit, but the fat cat denies his guilt, despite the obvious clues pointing to him.

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Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy leave to go film a new cartoon, leaving Donald in charge of the club till they get back. Donald naturally takes advantage of this and reshapes the club in his image, changing its name to the House of Duck. However, he soon has trouble keeping things running smoothly when he has to bring the guests their food. Then, when the guests grow restless for Mickey to come back, his attempts at imitating Mickey's roles from Steamboat Willie and Fantasia , and then bringing out a cardboard cutout of Mickey, just end up making them leave.

Willie Mouse Finds A House Willie Mouse Finds A House
Willie Mouse Finds A House Willie Mouse Finds A House
Willie Mouse Finds A House Willie Mouse Finds A House
Willie Mouse Finds A House Willie Mouse Finds A House
Willie Mouse Finds A House Willie Mouse Finds A House
Willie Mouse Finds A House Willie Mouse Finds A House

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