Snow in the High Atlas

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As well as offering exceptionally dramatic scenery, the Atlas Mountains are also home to a number of plant and animal species unique to Africa. Sadly, many of these species are nearing extinct, or are in danger of extinction, including the Barbary macaque, Barbary leopard, Atlas bear and the Barbary lion. However there are still many interesting and unique species to explore.

The Atlas Mountains also house an abundance of natural resources, including deposits of lead ore, iron ore, mercury, silver, rock salt, marble, copper, phosphate, gas and coal, offering a geological landscape that is impossible to resist. Cooler temperatures are likely to be experienced in the more northerly areas of the Atlas Mountains, mainly due to the western winds that blow from the Atlantic lying to the north of the region.

Weather in Atlas Mountains

However, towards the south of the range, the weather is more influenced by the Sahara Desert offering drier, warmer climates no matter what time of year it is. There is the risk of thunderstorms and heavy rains in the Atlas Mountains during the afternoons in the summer months.

However rain is only likely to fall for two or three days during any given month in the season and therefore offers plenty of fine days to enjoy. Altitude levels will usually keep the summer temperatures endurable. However, the weather forecast in exposed valleys during this time of the year can get unbearably hot.

The Atlas Mountains are ideal for trekking any time of the year but winters can signal the start of snow and freezing temperatures in the region, especially at high altitudes. The highest peaks like Jebel Toubkal will remain covered in snow from the months of November through to the start of June, and sometimes remain snow-capped all year long. Indeed, winter can usher in plenty of wonderfully crisp, dry and sunny days ideal for trekking. And with less than one in three days likely to experience any rain at all, the popularity of the range for walkers never seems to wane.

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The best time to visit the Atlas Mountains is usually during spring or autumn. Forecasted temperatures are good — although varying altitude levels will affect the local climate. Arid and empty, it's a beguiling sight. You could argue that it's nature's sacrifice, so that we might have a playground of pristine and remote ski slopes. The Atlas Mountains, rising up in North Africa, have been a skiing curiosity for decades. Their mountainsides facing west are an avaricious collector of snow throughout winter -- enough for a ski season to form between January and March.

Intrepid alpinists have strapped on their crampons in Morocco since the era of the French protectorate. Today it has Oukaimeden, a fully-functioning ski resort at 8, feet, the highest in the continent. But with a boom in ski touring opening up the High Atlas, is one of Africa's hidden gems experiencing a snow-born renaissance? Fifty miles east of Marrakech lies Oukaimeden, Morocco's most noteworthy ski resort.

With 20 runs and one chairlift it's on the smaller side by Western standards, and comes with a few quirks.

High Atlas Mountains (Jebel Toubkal) in winter - Morocco | Maja Travels Adventure Blog

Most rental equipment can be politely described as "retro," and if drag lifts are a bore you can always hitch a ride on a donkey. However, this description undersells Oukaimeden. The skiable area -- often disquietingly empty -- tops out at 10, feet, 6 feet higher than Val Thorens , France, one of Europe's most snow-sure destinations. Runs aren't pisted as such, meaning virgin snow awaits, and the powder is crisp and dry. For the casual skier or adventurous beginner, a fun and unconventional day awaits.

And they had hot water in shower. The next day promised to be good.

Morocco High Atlas Mountain Snowfall

The forecast on mountain-forecast. On the way we saw minerals lying beside a closed house. Some of them were really beautiful.

Oukaïmeden Photo by snowfore1

My friends took some of them and put some money to one of boxes. Jebel Toubkal is probably the best known mountain of High Atlas but there are also other beautiful places.

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The weather was great this day. The trail offers perfect views on Imlil and surrounding mountains. It starts in Imlil, which lies at about m and ends at nearly m. Going up we were walking on some narrow paths probably in an orchard and when we lost a path, we followed footsteps of a hare ;. Going down we tried to walk on the trail but probably again we were outside. We got to some village, according to the map probably Mezzik. Chickens were walking on paths, cows were mooing at us and we were going tortuos paths down to Imlil, where we finished our journey in High Atlas.

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  • By foot or helicopter, the High Atlas is one of the world's hidden ski gems.
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Thanks a lot for the very detailed information! And congrats :. Paul Fitzgerald. What a lovely read. Pics are amazing and mesmerizing. Hassan Id.

Snow in the High Atlas Snow in the High Atlas
Snow in the High Atlas Snow in the High Atlas
Snow in the High Atlas Snow in the High Atlas
Snow in the High Atlas Snow in the High Atlas
Snow in the High Atlas Snow in the High Atlas
Snow in the High Atlas Snow in the High Atlas

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