MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar

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The sex comedy "Novo," coming in August, adds a French twist to the "First Dates" premise in its story of a Parisian office worker who keeps forgetting that he's already slept with the girl of his dreams.


And in production: a remake of 's "The Manchurian Candidate," about a man who's been brainwashed by the Communists to forget patriotism and become a political assassin. This infatuation with memory-addled characters might seem unprecedented until one recalls the Golden Age of Amnesia, circa , when filmmakers first realized how memory-loss plot twists could enliven comedies, thrillers and melodramas. After getting conked on the head during a cruise, Powell forgets that his wife has filed divorce papers after nine years of marriage on the grounds of sheer boredom.

Regressing to his previous identity as charming con artist, he re-courts his jaded spouse with winning results. In "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" writer- director Preston Sturges had fun at Betty Hutton 's expense: After a ribald night on the town with a group of GIs, she wakes up pregnant -- with no memory of how she got that way. Milking amnesia for sentimental effect, "Random Harvest" earned seven Oscar nominations for its portrait of a traumatized war veteran Ronald Colman who falls in love with his nurse Greer Garson.

The three-hankie twist: A bump on the head causes Colman to remember who he used to be but wipes out his more recent memories of the devoted Greer. Another tear-jerker, "Love Letters" , employed a similar premise but reversed gender roles, with Jennifer Jones playing the amnesia victim who regains her lust for life thanks to the patient boyfriend she can't remember Joseph Cotten.

Midcentury film noir was rife with amnesia-stricken anti-heroes who wandered, guilt-plagued, through dank pulp fictions such as "Street of Chance" , "The Blue Dahlia" , "D. But the only period thriller to feature hallucinogenic dream sequences designed by Salvador Dali was "Spellbound" Alfred Hitchcock 's Freud's- eye-view of a murder mystery cast Gregory Peck as a mental patient who's repressed his memories of a brutal homicide. With the help of a sympathetic hypnotherapist Ingrid Bergman he finally confronts the repressed memory and identifies the true killer.

Hitchcock revisited the "It's so horrible I've blocked it out" syndrome in "Marnie" , in which a kindly Philadelphia businessman Sean Connery becomes fascinated with the compulsive thief Tippi Hedren who works for him. Together they unravel the roots of her kleptomania, and more important, why she freaks out every time she sees the color red. Around the same time "Marnie" hit theaters, amnesia was fast becoming epidemic among television's soap opera population. But even as small-screen hunks and babes found themselves retrofitted with fresh identities whenever their storylines grew stale, cases of big-screen amnesia fizzled out by the '70s.

The gimmick resurfaced in "Overboard" , a fish-out-of-water romantic comedy starring Goldie Hawn as a rich snob who falls off her yacht, forgets she used to be obnoxious and gets conned by the carpenter she'd stiffed Kurt Russell into believing that they're married. Subjected to an unfamiliar new world of domestic drudgery, she cleans house for him and his four kids and eventually falls in love before "coming to" in the third act.

Dick and incorporated his obsessions with time and memory. It was followed by a handful of forgettable amnesia-themed dramas that came and went in the '90s before "Memento" director Chris Nolan deconstructed film noir traditions with his end-to-beginning story structure. In "Mulholland Drive" , released a few months after "Memento," director David Lynch played equally challenging mind games with the audience.

Laura Harring wanders helter-skelter through the time-space continuum after getting dropped off at a Hollywood party with no inkling of who she is or how she got there. As the story spools backward, forward and sideways, she wanders into the apartment of an aspiring starlet Naomi Watts.

Together the clueless pair try to arrive at her true identity.

MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar
MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar
MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar
MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar
MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar
MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar
MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar
MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar MEMENTO - a play by Lora Lazar

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