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River Watch Brewery

Erika Chavez, the Pink Boots Society's Florida chapter leader, calls the group a "celebration of women" in the beer-brewing industry.

#SheLovesBeer - SAB's Female Brewers

Chavez adds: "So it's about having women talk about what they're doing, and how we can share as much knowledge with each other about what we're doing in our respective breweries, to make sure everybody is having new conversations. Part of the difference in the numbers of women and men working in brewing could be traced back to socialization.

According to a survey by the Brewers Association, women consume just 25 percent of all craft beer in the country. That could mean fewer women develop a palate for heavier traditional brews, like stouts, sours or barleywines, which Malines prefers. I blame that on macro beer mass marketing. It's always been marketed towards men, and the population really isn't in the right mindset to accept women as the people making their beer.

She qualifies that: "Currently.

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But the industry can never hurt from having more diversity, whether that's gender or race or any kind of orientation. The righteous sexiness of breaking down gender barriers aside, Malines says the brewing industry isn't as fun-filled as some folks might assume. You're a janitor covered in beer, rarely drinking. For those interested in learning the art of turning hops and grains into a drinkable buzz, Malines recommends joining a home brew club, as she did.

The Evolving Role of Women’s Contributions to Brewing Beer

It varies from brewery to brewery to brewery, but a lot of times breweries are looking for an extra pair of hands on a brew day," Malines says. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Orlando Weekly.

Jump to comments. More by Xander Peters Texting while driving is illegal in Florida, Virgin Trains plays coy about possibility of a Disney stop, and other news you may have missed last week Jul 3, Every aspect of brewing appeals to Davis -- the craft, the science, the history, the labor, the community, and especially the creative freedom. As an out trans woman, Davis has a pretty unique POV when it comes to sexism in beer. Overall, though, the industry has made me feel welcome and valued, and I cherish being a part of it. Badass doesn't even begin to describe Havel, whose attitude towards women in the brewing industry is just as straightforward and no-nonsense as one might expect given her resume.

Top female brewers in the UK

And at the end of the day, a keg weighs lbs regardless of who is lifting it. Meredith Heil is a staff writer for Thrillist. Bless you if you represent the Fu, but she'll hex you with some witch's brew if you're doo-doo. More at mereditto. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.

Female Brewers Changing the Craft Beer Industry - Thrillist

Share on Facebook Pin it. Lisa Allen: Heater Allen Brewing. Cat Wiest: Seabright Brewery. Robyn Schumacher: Stoup Brewing. Here's Why. Katarina Andrea Martinez: Lineup Brewing.

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Rosa, now 92 years old, was involved in brewing beer for most of her life. Starting out as a secretary at Brouwerij Liefmans in , her boss asked her to taste the Liefmans Goudenband and she honestly told him that the beer was much too sour. It became clear that Rosa had a particular talent for tasting beer and soon after Liefmans took on a milder taste. Rosa mastered the craft of brewing and became the brewmaster.

Did you know St-Feuillien was founded in by Stephanie Friart? At the time, she was brewing light beers that were winning numerous awards, most notably at the Antwerp International Exhibition in and at the International Exhibition of Food in Geneva in This young lady did not always have it easy.

She was 20 years younger than her husband and became a widow just two years after they started the brewery together. Today St-Feuillien is still managed by a strong woman.

The Brewers Women The Brewers Women
The Brewers Women The Brewers Women
The Brewers Women The Brewers Women
The Brewers Women The Brewers Women
The Brewers Women The Brewers Women
The Brewers Women The Brewers Women
The Brewers Women The Brewers Women

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