My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography

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The basic issue before the Democratic Party now is how far left to go. Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist. Kamala Harris calls herself a progressive. The notion that American elections are won in the center was buried by Trump. The energy in the Democratic Party lies in the progressive camp. It stems from anger at a skewed economy and millennial disgust at the elitist turn that cost the Democrats their working-class base and much of small-town America.

This opened the way for Trump. A word of caution: The United States was founded in contradistinction to, not as an extension of, Europe. Self-reliance is to America what fraternity is to France: part of its core. American space — so immense, so un-European — conjures in Americans a bristling independence of spirit that wants government out of their lives. Nations do not cast off their cultural essence. The dirty secret of European welfare states is that they tend to be business-friendly. As Monica Prasad, a sociology professor at Northwestern University has pointed out , Sweden has a lower corporate tax rate than the United States.

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The sweet spot for Democrats is getting business to buy in to progressive reform. America can be nudged in a French direction without losing its self-renewing essence.

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He comes from a hairdressing family and runs a business nearby in Shalford. If elected, he would work to protect the character of our area - he is a former planning committee member with an interest in the subject.


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Neil also wants to see a better relationship between residents and the university. Sallie Barker has lived in Guildford for over 30 years. Now living in the town centre she has known the Pilgrims area as a favourite place for walking. Her career was in sports administration, working with volunteers and in partnerships. For her services to sport she was made an MBE in Now Sallie wants to "put something back" with a real desire to help the Pilgrims community and villages to flourish.

Celebrating Innovative Veteran Engagement in Elections | US Election Assistance Commission

Tony has lived in Guildford borough for 22 years. Since , Tony has been borough councillor for Pilgrims. He was lead member for finance then housing and social welfare and elected council leader Tony is independent of national party politics which should not play a big role on councils. Ideas come from people, not political parties. Guildford council needs to be honest and democratic. Residents for Guildford and Villages offer change to a new council which is open, transparent and really consults residents to make the right decisions. My name is Akanshya Gurung.

I am standing as your Labour Party candidate for Pirbright in the hope of bringing a fresh perspective to the council. I come from an army family; my father having been a Gurkha soldier. It was local Labour councillors who helped us to settle in, and to think about public service and working for the good of all.

I'd like to bring those values to my work in Pirbright, and to build relationships between the town and the army community in Pirbright. Gordon Jackson was elected as Pirbright's councillor in and was Mayor of Guildford in He is extremely active in the village and Guildford as a whole. He fought for improved drainage systems for the village, and takes a particular interest in managing our protected heathland and wider countryside as well as planning and enforcement issues affecting the area.

He recently became chairman of the Surrey Hills Trust Fund. Julia has served as a Send Parish Councillor since Her family have resided in Send for over fifty years and Julia attended the village schools and has worked locally for the Royal Horticultural Society RHS at Wisley gardens. On graduating from the University of London, Julia has been employed as a research assistant and undertaken academic research into public sector employment practises, EU growth and jobs policies. Throughout her professional life Julia has resided in Send and appreciates the semi-rural surroundings of the village which she is keen to preserve.

I think that we need housing but need it in the town not the countryside. Urban regeneration, using derelict sites, is better than building on green fields for town and country residents alike.

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I believe in making decisions that reflect the real needs of people in our area, not driven by national politics. He has been involved in politics for 5 years. He has been dealing with Guildford Borough council on many issues. This will be of help to residents with planning and residential issues with the council. I have lived in Send with my family since , seeing the village change over the years. Its character will be changed if development is allowed to happen without thoughtful planning for the people who live here. Guildford Borough Council needs to pay more attention to the opinions of local people.

Labour supports the building of new homes, but ones affordable for our children to live here, with housing on a smaller scale, not the huge dormitory towns proposed. I want to make Send a healthier place to live, with improved public transport and cycle paths as alternatives to roads. I am over 40 years resident in Guildford, a retired architect and visiting professor of engineering design at University of Surrey, Rotarian and organiser of music events for young players and singers in Guildford.

I am absolutely non-political. I am a supporter of the Guildford Vision Group and in favour of improvements to town centre with suitable housing, river frontage and transport systems. I worked in Shalford through the s and s and sang with my late wife in Shalford Choral for many years. Meeting many Shalfordians and residents of the five-mile long ward has shown me what is needed. Jillian Doran has lived in Guildford for over 30 years.

She has worked for the National Health Service all her working life, now spending her time in community clinics across Surrey. She has a drive towards fairness, heading the campaign for fair trade town status in the mid 00s. We achieved both town and borough fair trade recognition. Fairness in all things is of paramount importance. Working with young people, she concentrates her energies on protecting the young and sees housing and youth support agencies as very important.

No shrinking violet, she will fight for what is right. For the Bob Hughes moved from London to run the sensory services charity Sight for Surrey supporting more than 7, people who are Blind or Deaf across Surrey. He is an experienced campaigner locally and nationally. Amongst his successes are campaigns that succeeded in the face of fierce opposition.

For instance, as a father he successfully campaigned to ensure that safe surfaces were introduced in children's playgrounds, and using his knowledge from working in television he achieved changes that introduced sub-titling and audio description to television channels. Vanessa King is an Australian citizen who has made the UK her home since She became a Liberal Democrat in , after deciding that her experience in leadership and communication could be used to serve her community in a more impactful way.

Vanessa is a teacher at a school in Guildford and cares deeply about environmental issues, particularly finding a way for environmental policy to facilitate successful industry and a thriving economy. Her passion is to have an education system that truly serves young people, parents, teachers and society. I have lived in Shalford Ward for 21 years attracted by the beautiful countryside and the historic town. I am concerned at the Local Plan and GBC's failure to consider local people's views, the AONB and Greenbelt together with infrastructure constraints, the lack of vision for the town centre and truly affordable homes for local families.

I believe Guildford needs a new broom. I am appalled at the promises made not honoured and the claims being made to take credit for things not done by them or which have happened despite their best efforts. Mike Parsons is the Mayor of Guildford and has been a councillor for Shalford Ward for the last four years. He is also a Shalford parish councillor representing Chilworth and is a former chairman of the Guildford Tenants' Advisory Group.

Mike has fought inappropriate development in our area as well as in Guildford. He has a reputation for standing up for the people he represents - and people who need the help of the whole community such as young carers in Guildford. He is supporting them as our mayor. I have lived in the Shalford area for 20 years. Formerly operations director for a global engineering company, I have recently retrained and now teach at Christ's College. Through my work on the parish council and involvement with other local organisations I am familiar with issues in the ward notably housing and transport , and I am keen to use my professional skills and local knowledge and contacts to help address these.

Tay-Jarl Andessen has lived in Stoke ward for over 30 years and attended local schools. He is a mature university student. Tay-Jarl works for an independent garage based in Guildford as an office manager. Tay-Jarl has many varied interests including politics. He also likes to help people and has assisted a number of local people with varied problems.

Tay-Jarl has a passion for Guildford and surroundings, and would love to give something back to the community he grew up in. Lizzie lives on the edge of Stoughton and was previously a councillor for Stoughton from to She has three children, one of whom attends Christ's College. Having been a councillor before, Lizzie knows how much of a difference you can make for a community and wants to be able to once again serve the residents of Guildford. She is a trained childcare professional and currently works with older people.

Unsurprisingly as a result she has a particular interest in issues relating to these groups from our community. Stoke has had to put up with the smells for too long. Parking problems have been a continuous real issue, and I am still actively seeking solutions. More affordable housing is a top priority for Guildford, and adopting the Local Plan will make that a reality. Paul Mackie is from Edinburgh, but has lived in Guildford for the past ten years with his wife and daughter.

Currently working at Heathrow Airport , Paul's roles have predominantly been customer facing in the retail sector. After the referendum, Paul decided to put himself forward to stand as a candidate in Stoke Ward for the May local elections. Paul's main focus will be to spend council taxpayers' money wisely and to get the best value from each department and project. He will work to preserve the green spaces around Guildford which give our town much of its character.

I work for local charities and I'm a mum of three who has lived in Guildford for over 10 years. I'm also a member of the Co-operative party, and believe that Guildford should support local businesses by lowering business rates for smaller enterprises in the town, offer incentives for environmentally friendly businesses and encourage co-operative ownership models. I believe that Guildford Borough and Surrey County Council should become a unitary authority for efficiency. I want to see the bus station refurbished, bus routes rationalised and GBC spending prioritised on building social housing and preventing homelessness in our town.

Gill says: "Residents get in touch with me about all kinds of problems. Being a councillor means that I can help them, I can fight in their corner and I can point them in the right direction towards help. Philip Hooper is a retired solicitor and has lived in Guildford since the s. He has been married to Elizabeth and they have a disabled daughter Rosemary. He is actively involved with St Nicolas Church where he is a member of the parochial church council and of the deanery and diocesan synods.

He serves on the Guildford Access Group, a body run by the council to campaign for access for the disabled.

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He was councillor for Holy Trinity from to and is a lifelong railway enthusiast, working on two heritage steam railways. Masuk Miah has lived in Guildford for over 30 years. Having seen the work Pauline and Gill have done locally as councillors he is keen to help continue this and in particular wants to work to strengthen communication with local businesses, continue to improve road safety locally and join Pauline and Gill in the fight to ensure that Stoughton residents have strong representation on the council.

David Quelch has represented Stoughton since having lived in Stoughton all his life. He worked in computer support at Guildford College and did similar work at the Surrey Care Trust, a local charity. While working at the care trust he saw how the overall prosperity of Surrey means high prices in many areas which make it difficult for the residents of Surrey who do not share in this general prosperity. He has sought to represent the interests of Stoughton in deciding the future plans for Guildford as well as helping people who have come to him with problems.

I have lived in Stoughton for 29 years, and have involved myself in the local community by co-running a mother and toddler group at Emmanuel church. I had my own accountancy business for 25 years, serving small businesses in Guildford. Stoughton has some lovely areas but is suffering from a lack of investment in facilities for young people, expenditure on trees and plants and pavements which have been damaged by buses.

I want to do what I can to improve things for the community. Pauline has lived in Guildford all her life and raised her own family here. She was a childminder for 25 years and in became a councillor because she wanted to make a difference in Stoughton. Pauline is very involved in the local community. She was one of the organisers for both the highly successful Stoughton in WW1 events at Cardwells Keep, is part of the organising team of Friends of Chitty's Common, a governor of St Joseph's Primary School and a patron of Home Start, a charity that works to support parents of young children across Guildford Borough.

Malachy Ujam is an NHS manager with a focus on mental healthcare, clinical safety, health education and research. He has lived and worked in Guildford and across Surrey since within the local healthcare system both in community and hospital settings, and will bring this experience to council discussions if elected. He is a member of St Joseph Catholic Church Guildford through which he has supported local charities. Richard has lived in Gomshall for 21 years with his wife Lynda. A former Captain in the Territorial Army, Richard has run a home in Surrey for children with learning difficulties, until recently.

He has 12 years experience as a councillor. He was lead member for community safety and health and he later led on parks and countryside. He is currently Deputy Mayor of Guildford and if elected will serve as Mayor in He continues to defend our beloved countryside against the pressures of development, visitors and cycle races.

Liam has lived in the Tillingbourne ward for more than 25 years. He has worked in the City of London for all of that time, mainly in infrastructure finance including the financing of renewable energy projects. Liam has also supported the city's Green Finance Initiative and cares passionately about the environment. David Wright has lived at Newlands Corner for the past 40 years where he and his wife Gail have brought up five children.

A Guildford borough councillor for the past 16 years, David has undertaken a variety of the senior council responsibilities including chairing the board of the Surrey Hills AONB and founding Surrey's Credit Union. Apart from rural affairs, David is active in healthcare and mental health issues. I attended "Guildford Tech" and worked for Thames Water Authorities during the s and moved to live in Guildford in I worked for nearly 20 years in the delivery of welfare benefits as a civil servant and a housing officer helping to resettle offenders on release from custody.

I also worked at the Citizens Advice in Guilford. I am the women's officer for the local Labour Party and as an amputee I am committed to ensuring that all members of the community have access to and a voice in the governance of Guildford. I have lived in Westborough since with my young family. I am a senior manager in cyber security working for the financial regulator protecting consumers from harm.

I have been active locally since helping our most vulnerable neighbours with their local issues.

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I want a better Guildford that works for everyone and I want to be the strong voice that Westborough and Park Barn are sorely lacking in the council. I champion the needs of families, transparency, accountability and local engagement. I have all my life longed for a peaceful world. There is so much beauty on our planet and so much we can do to choose to enhance or destroy nature.

We make choices every second of our lives. If I am elected I would encourage people to look at the fundamental ecological facts that are becoming patently obvious around the global warming and pollution aspects of life on Earth, followed by ecological awareness and the importance of natural resources, utilising natural fuels of wind and water and growing a wider variety of foods on our land here in England. Liz Hooper has been a councillor for Westborough since and has been active in issues surrounding accessibility and disability.

Her husband Philip was a councillor between and With the Conservative team she has been working on the issues that matter to residents; parking, rubbish collection and maintaining a clean and green environment. Sheila Kirkland started her life in Westborough and was elected as a councillor for the area in She has enjoyed getting to know more of the residents in both Westborough and Park Barn and sorting out the various problems that have arisen, ranging from financial problems to parking issues. With her colleagues she has put pressure on the county councillor to improve roads and pavements throughout Park Barn, as well as the areas off the Worplesdon Road.

He has been chairperson of the community association for the past 18 months and is engaged with Surrey Police trying to tackle antisocial behaviour in our area. Julia McShane is local and has served as a borough councillor for the last eight years in Westborough. Julia wants to see investment in children's play areas and see our older, less sustainable housing replaced with new environmentally sustainable homes.

Julia will continue to ensure that residents' voices are at the centre of everything the council plans in the community. My wish to see a country and a world at peace is for much more than an absence of violence. It is a wish to see everyone treating others as they wish to be treated themselves.

Not only should that mean an absence of war and all violence but, positively, everyone's needs being met — a roof over one's head, sufficient food and clean water, health and care needs met throughout life, warmth and light, efficient public transport and involvement with playing a full part in the communities of which we are members. I'm married and we have two pre-school children. I'm a musician and promoter living and working in Guildford. I have seen many changes to our town, most of it positive, some of it not.

I'm passionate that what comes next is the best that it can be for those that live here; a vibrant town centre, beautiful estates and villages, advances culturally and environmentally. I believe we need a more representative council with new and different voices, and we will achieve this with more Labour councillors. James Steel is currently a student at University of Surrey and is studying international tourism management.

He has been involved in the creation of the Surrey Student Housing Cooperative group at the university and is also the president of the Surrey Liberal Society. James has played a strong role in the Westborough Liberal Democrat team for two years alongside Fiona White and Julia McShane and wants to provide a strong voice for students and young professionals on Guildford Borough Council, something which has been lacking recently. Fiona White has been the county councillor for Westborough since and was borough councillor from Fiona has campaigned with local groups on road safety issues and is working with borough councillor Julia McShane and activist James Steel to make sure that there are better facilities for young people in the community and for improvements in health care.

I have lived in Guildford for 38 years and have raised our family here. My work is supporting small businesses in supply chain management. I also minister in Worplesdon parish, part of the team that offer the services of the church to local people. I feel passionately about our town centre and the places where we choose to live.

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My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography
My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography
My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography
My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography
My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography
My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography
My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography
My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography
My Wonderful World of Elections: An Election Autobiography

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