Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Brian Inglis divides the various forms of coincidence into useful categories such as "Small World" and "The Ghost in The Machine" and discusses the relevance of quantum physics, morphic resonance and other developments. About the Author : Brian Inglis 31 July - 11 February was an Irish journalist, historian and television presenter. Buy New View Book.

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Inglis, Brian. Published by Hutchinson. New Hardcover Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Coincidence disambiguation.

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For the album by Dewey Redman, see Coincide album. II, "Sertorius". June Carl Review. Archived from the original on 6 December Retrieved 6 December Oxford Dictionary. The Roots of Coincidence hardcover ed. Random House. Psychology Today.

Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity? By Brian Inglis | eBay

Bart K. Holland trans. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. Categories : Synchronicity Forteana Coincidence. The special flavor of a synchronicity lies in its being, at one and the same time, a unique, individual event and the manifestation of universal order. Wrapped within the temporal moment, a synchronicity exhibits its transcendental nature.

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It is this relationship between the transcendent and the coincidental arrangement of mental and physical happenings that the synchronicity acquires its numinous meaning. Synchronicities represent a bridge between matter and mind and the concept of causality is clearly not appropriate to the world of mental events. By probing causality to its limit, it has been discovered that "everything causes everything else" and that each event emerges out of an infinite web or network of causal relationships.

Causality therefore remains an idealization that can never be put into absolute practice. Neils Bohr, for example, stressed that quantum theory had revealed the essential indivisibility of nature while Heisenburg's uncertainty principle indicated the extent to which an observer intervenes in the system he observes.

A contemporary physicist, John Wheeler, has expressed this new approach in particularly graphic terms: "We had this old idea, that there was a universe out there, and here is man, the observer, safely protected from the universe by a six-inch slab of plate glass. Now we learn from the quantum world that even to observe so minuscule an object as an electron we have to shatter the plate glass; we have to reach in there So the old word observer simply has to be crossed off the books, and we must put in the new word participator.

Synchronicity vs. Coincidence - Dr. Lance Storm (AIPR Mini Conference 2016)

In this way we've come to realize that the universe is a participatory universe. Quantum theory and relativity had a revolutionary effect upon this Newtonian approach, not only in transforming the formalism of physics but also changing the worldview that was associated with it.

The worldview that we have all inherited from an outmoded physics still has a profound effect on our whole lives; it permeates our attitudes to society, government. It is for such reasons that synchronnnicity can have such a profound effect on us. While quantum theory has successfully challenged the exclusive nature of this Newtonian worldview, the loophole it offers is simply not enough to admit synchronicity. It is only when causality is pushed to the limit that it is discovered that the actual context in which everything that happens in our universe is in fact caused by everything else.

Indeed the whole universe could be thought of as unfolding or expressing itself in its individual occurrences. It is within this global view that it becomes possible to accommodate synchronicities as meaningful events that emerge out of the heart of nature.

Coincidence: A Matter of Chance - Or Synchronicity?

In building the bridge between mind and matter, the notion of causality must be bypassed in favor of transformations and unfoldings. Causality and synchronicity are not contradictory but are dual perceptions of the same underlying reality. In other words, synchronicities are manifestations, in mind and matter, of the unknown ground that underlies them both.

In this way similar orders are found in both consciousness and in the structuring of matter, The parallelism between the objective and the subjective aspects of the universe do not so much arise through causal connections, or linear patterns in time, but out of underlying dynamics that are common to both. Synchronicities therefore introduce meaning and value, in an essential way, into nature.

The meaningful patterns of the world, which transcend all our attempts to limit and encompass them, arise not so much through the mechanisms of external orders but through the unfolding of their own internal significance. While science has an awesome power to predict and control, it is also clear that its essential fragmentation of nature is no longer able to address all the major problems that face the world today. Synchronicity, however, with its sensitivity to harmony and the indivisibility of consciousness, humanity, and nature at least opens up the possibility of a new approach.

But again this does not mean making a choice to "adopt" synchronicity or to "replace" some of the approaches of science with those of synchronicity. Rather, by being perceptive to these issues it may be possible to move, in a creative way, in an entirely new direction One step toward becoming more sensitive to the duality between these different worldviews is to begin to question the whole current order of science and to develop new ideas and theories that have a more holistic approach. In the present century the ultimate level of nature appears to be that of space-time and the infinite energy of the quantum field.

But there is no reason to suppose that the ground of reality lies there and that there may not be an uncountable number of yet more subtle levels to be discovered. Indeed both consciousness and matter may be discovered to evolve out of a common order where the processes of matter and the activity of information are two sides of one reality.

The real message of synchronicity, for the Western scientific viewpoint, is not to throw away all that is of value within the last five hundred years, but to be sensitive to new perspectives and to allow the mind its full creative potential. In this way it becomes possible to retain a subjective experience of nature and a sense of the meaning and interconnectedness of things without needing to reject the scientific approach.

Synchronicity will appear very naturally to a mind that is constantly sensitive to change, for it reveals the overall patterns of nature of mind and provides a context in which events have their meaning. Synchronicity has gradually been enfolded into an entirely new dimension; in place of a causal deterministic world, in which mind and matter are two separate substances, appears a universe of infinite subtlety that is much closer to a creative living organism than to a machine.

Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity? Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?
Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity? Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?
Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity? Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?
Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity? Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?
Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity? Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?
Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity? Coincidence: a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?

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