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This is fun! Oh-my-God-I can't-put this-book-down-kind-of-fun. So get over it and just stop complaining will you? So what makes this book so freakingly amazing? Do you really have to ask? This is Ilona Andrews we're talking about! Awesome characters? Hilarious banter? Sounds familiar? Okay you're hopeless, I give up. Here we go. First we have Rose, our butt-kicking damsel in distress. So the girl didn't get a great start in life. Draytons were always unlucky. Too smart and too twisted for their own good.

Grandpa was a pirate and a rover. Dad was a gold digger. Grandma was stubborn like a goat and always thought she knew better than anyone else. Mom was a tramp. Told you things weren't peachy for Rose. To make things worse her mother-the-tramp died when she was a teenager, her father abandoned her and left her to raise her much younger brothers by herself. She has too much magic for her own good which makes her great broodmare material , a crappy and illegal cleaning lady job, several banes of her existence , and barely enough money for food and gas.

But hey, it's not all bad. She's pretty good with crossbows, great with guns and has the strongest magical flash in the Edge. She's tough, she's stubborn, she's loyal, she's snarky. I'm telling you the girl is cool. Very cool. True, Declan was heartbreakingly beautiful and hypnotic to watch. But she would have even more fun when she watched that muscled back and that perfect ass recede as he walked down the path away from her house, never to return. Well hello there, Declan. Oh I'm dreadfully sorry, my Lord.


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How dare I address you in such a vulgar way? Blueblood aristocrat, hunk in residence and aggravating knight in shining armour. Except that his intentions aren't so pure. He might even have a hidden agenda. Or two. Can't trust anyone from the Weird anyway. Very true. Sly he can be. Exasperating too. And a total snob. A haughty one at that. He's brash too. And did I mention he was arrogant? I think I'm in love. He grimaced. And you know what? He has a fertile imagination when it comes to "private activities.

He's also good with swords, loyal, brave and great with kids. Hey, I said he could be an asshole, I never said he wasn't a prince charming of sorts. There is a BIG problem though. He has blond hair. We can't go on like this. The worst thing is, the Andrews don't play fair. Just hit me on the head once and for all and get it over with.

It would sure save me lots of swooning, sighing, fainting, panting etc. You want to know who really stole the show? Georgie and Jack , Rose's little brothers. Interacting together, or with Rose, or with Declan, or with William… Please, please can I adopt them? I want to take them home with me! I promise I'll buy them sneakers and comics and stuff!! Pretty impressive huh? Only the Andrews I tell you!! Want more banter?

Read this book. View all comments. Sep 19, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , kindle , read-in , paranormal. He kind of pops up on her property and threatens to steal her away to be his woman. For me to even attempt to like a story with forced marriage or whatever he had in mind , it has to be set waaaaaaaaaay back in medieval times.

But since I trusted the authors, I decided to keep reading. And I'm glad I did. Don't worry, there's a good non-rapey explanation for Declan's atrocious behavior! The story? Well, Rose lives in The Edge. Which, kind of reminded me of a backwards swampy voodo ish area. No offense to anyone who lives in a backwards swampy voodoo part of the country. There's magic there, but not as much as there is in The Wild. Now, the Wild is where all of the powerful magic users live. They don't have technology there, but they do have laws and a justice system.

Which is more than the people in the Edge have. And then there's The Broken. That's where we , and the People Of Walmart live. And Walmart is almost a character in this novel because it's Rose's go-to place to shop for everything. Seriously, poor chick spends almost as much time there in this book as I do in real life.

Speaking of, would it KILL them to put a few more cashiers on during the day?! I'm not getting any younger standing in this line. It's like, 50 deep, and wrapping around into the frozen foods section! Don't worry Walmart, those of us who are perpetually broke will continue to flock to your doors, standing side by side with the unwashed masses in order to take advantage of your unbeatable low prices.

Where was I? Ok, yes. The Broken. Rose has the ability like most folks who live in the Edge to go back and forth between the two places, so she supports her two young brothers by working under the table in our world. If it sucks so bad in Swampland, why don't the people who live there just head on over to the magical and clean Wild? I'm glad you asked! Most of the Edgers don't have enough magic to cross over into that So, they're stuck in Hillbillyville.

Anyway, Rose is trying to eek yes, eek, not eke. She's frigging scared shitless, Tadiana out an existence, while staying under the radar, because she has some powerful mojo that makes her a target. More specifically, unscrupulous families want her for a broodmare. Ewww, right? And that's where the story starts out. But there's a whole lot more to this one than just that. A villain from the Wild is on the loose in the Edge, there's a feral shapeshifter hunting in the area, and lots of backwoods politics being played by the people in Rose's small town.

Plus, she's got to come up with a way to get rid of her unwanted suitor, before he clubs her over the head and drags her back to his cave. Except things aren't always what they seem If you like urban fantasy, or you're looking for something to read while you're waiting for the next Kate Daniels book to come out, give this one a shot. Mar 28, Navessa added it. Life is too short to continue to read a book I don't like. If I find a way to bind and gag the feminist who wouldn't stop making snide comments every few paragraphs I read. View all 49 comments. Shelves: fantastic-fantasy , super-sidekicks , uf-pnr , sexy , book-boyfriend-material , adorable-alphas , kick-ass-heroines , chocolate-pms-day-reads , buddy-read.

Yes, I am reading this again Yes, I just read this like 6 months ago No, I am not sorry half star bump up to a solid 4 stars.

Jobs at Children on the Edge

How do you make a book you enjoyed the first time you read it even better? Easy, find a group of friends to read it with all over again. Rose: My super strong heroine I liked you even more. She is the one person that truly deserved a Prince Charming but she isn't going to make it easy one him. And you would be most enthusiastic about it.

Few places are. Declan: I liked you so much more this second time through. You are very much Prince Charming with a side of snarky attitude. You had me forever at You're the measure of my wrath Georgie and Jack: Are adorable as young brothers always looking out for each other and in desperate need a of male role model. I freaking want to take them home with me.

Well worth the reread and I look forward to the Buddy read of the next book in this series. Original Review March 3. In the world of the Edge you are in-between two dimensions, one that has no magic and one that is completely magic. Rose has lived in this world her whole life and is an anomaly to it.

It has made her life difficult and she has learned to trust no one except for her family. Despite being downtrodden and poor Rose is a remarkably likable character. She is honest, prideful and will not take advantage of those around her no matter how they have treated her in the past. When Declan shows up, a Blueblood from the Magic dimension, Rose is sure he will be like all the others that have tried to steal her away. They come to an arrangement of sorts and Declan is cleaver and finds a way to stay with Rose while he tries to win her affection.

A doubloon a day. More than generous--some families would put him up for a week for a single coin. He needs to find and destroy a doomsday machine his uncle is using in hopes of stealing magic. This was packed with the humor and action you expect from an Ilona Andrews novel. It took awhile for the love interest to grow on me but in the end he was everything a hero should be. This was a beautiful blend of action and romance.

View all 26 comments. Re-read with the awesome gang in IAA group. Wanna know the good thing in having a very, very bad memory? Every time you re-read a book is like reading it for the first time. I loved this book and I remembered so little of it that it was like I was reading it for the first time. This book was awesome. I wanted more of it. Usually I'm anxious to see how a story ends but this time I just wanted it to keep goi Re-read with the awesome gang in IAA group. Usually I'm anxious to see how a story ends but this time I just wanted it to keep going.

I actually had happy tears in the end!!! Where should I begin? This book pushed all my buttons. The story, the characters, the world-building, everything was spectacular! Let's start by the protagonists. Rose is such a relatable heroine. She is easy to like and gives the "girl-next-door" vibe. Does she have remarkable characteristics? Well yes, but she isn't one of a kind. She has a strong flash the strongest in the Edge but this doesn't help when she needs to put food to the table for herself and for her two young brothers.

She is a strong heroine but unlike most of UF and PNR heroines she is responsible because she has more than herself to think about. I liked her from prologue to epilogue. Declan is mysterious, sexy, full of surprises. Until the last page he keeps Rose on her toes. I really would have loved to have his POV but sadly it wasn't there, although the book was written from multiple POVs.

I liked the fact that he wasn't spoiled rotten despite his family's status and his positiion. He was loyal and fierce and HOT. The whole deal between them was kind of fairytalish. He was the noble knight, she was the Cinderella though she was no damsel-in-distress by any account , there were challenges to prove his determination to have her and Words abandon me. The romance side of this book was just great and fullfilling without being sticky sweet.

The side characters Well, I loved them ALL. The boys, Jack and George, were so cute and adorable and I want to adopt them , the grandmother was exactly how she should be protective and loving , William Even the "bad" people were well-written. Seriously there wasn't anyone that I thought shouldn't be there. The story and world building The story was fast and full of action. What I love about I. The world I. Was it the first time we have seen a world built in different dimensions?

Nope, but Andrews has added her magic and the world is original enough that you just want to know more. Also thankfully the "rules" of how it works were actually more easily understood than it was in Kate Daniels. So all in all if the book had any faults I just can't remember them and this is enough for me so I'm giving it a 5 wholeheartedly and already moving it to my favs self. View all 24 comments. Rose and her two little brothers, George and Jack, ages 10 and 8, live in the Edge, a sort of halfway place between our world which they call the Broken, since magic doesn't work there and a parallel world called the Weird, where magical powers reign.

In the Edge, magic works, but not as well as in the Weird. Most people can't pass through from one world to the other, or even sense that the other world e f you like Ilona Andrews' brand of romance-driven urban fantasy, grab this one! Most people can't pass through from one world to the other, or even sense that the other world exists, but there are exceptions, like Rose and her brothers. And Declan, the mysterious guy from the Weird who appears on Rose's doorstep, with magical powers even she can't match, and barges into their lives.

Rose doesn't trust Declan an inch And just maybe she'll be glad he's there, as deadly magical hounds begin appearing in the Edge and killing people. I read this urban fantasy for the second time last night, when I really should have been reading other books, but it totally sucked me in and I couldn't help it! Not just the power of Declan who is awesome , but there's William the shapeshifter, and George a necromancer , and Jack another shapeshifter , and Mamere, their French-speaking grandmother And how did I miss even giving it a star rating the first time I read it?

But I liked it even better the second time. Full review to come really! I am going to get to it, sooner or later. View all 4 comments. Mar 31, Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , fantasy , Ilona Andrews officially made it to my favorite authors list. View all 19 comments. Oct 04, Felicia rated it really liked it Shelves: vaginal-urban-fantasy , urban-paranormal. I love this author, and for me this was a 4 star UF and a 5 star romance. And BTW, guys in real life look terrible with that haircut.

Get past the slightly confusing first chapter and this book is really great, when you get the "deal" with the world it gets better and better, like a stone rolling downhill. I stayed up way too late to I love this author, and for me this was a 4 star UF and a 5 star romance. I stayed up way too late to finish it. What I particularly liked about this is that there are two kid characters I don't want to strangle for being precocious and precious, and she doesn't use them easily as a plot device, which I was dreading.

Looking forward to more! View all 6 comments. It happens like that. You read enough works from a favorite author and you develop an expectation, a knowledge that once you delve into the pages of their books, nothing could possibly go wrong. It had been a while since I read a work by the Gordons and I had forgotten about the pure, natural immersion in the world of magic they allow their readers.

Not once were you lectured on the world, or lost in a labyrinth of confusion of how this magical world works. You read a page and you just find yourself a part of the story, the world is part of your life, and the characters, family Nothing to it, right? Well if this is so easy, why don't all authors do it??? Why do we spend time reading tons of volumes looking for that same ease and make excuses for works which show a fraction of the magic we take as a given in IA's writing???

Because they craft their art so seemingly effortlessly, that we forget to stand still for a bit and acknowledge their mastery of storytelling!!! There are many reviews which give a better view of the contents of this book and I don't want to get into it here. After all, there are many more books of theirs that I can be more specific with. At this moment I just want to stop, take deep breaths, and basque in the talent that are Ilona Andrews!

And thank them, for giving us books to which we can return when we are in need of feeling like we are safely back home! For some that might be something they can find easily, but for me, this elusive feeling is the Holy Grail, and I cherish it beyond measure Thanks again for the cozy buddy read with the IAA group and I wish all could find their way to the magical works of this author! Happy reading! View all 11 comments.

May 29, Danielle The Book Huntress Back to the Books rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: fans of fantasy with a good dose of romance. Shelves: magic , southern-setting , urban-fantasy , owned-copy , favorite-or-autobuy-author , hero-in-pursuit , reading , favorites , witch-sorcereress-healer , shapeshifter. I liked the distinctive voice I saw in that story, one that has stayed true in the subsequent stories that I have read by this team.

With On the Edge, they have continued that excellence, providing me with a novel that is multi-faceted, genre-wise and story-wise. Although I grew up in the Midwest, my roots are Southern, and I do appreciate books set in the South that show the real ways of Southerners. In this case, I saw something very real and almost familiar in Rose, her brothers, grandmother, and friends and neighbors. I smiled when Rose threw the boys in the car and took them to Walmart. Yeah, that's real. Real people do shop there.

How many times do you read a book where the characters go to Walmart to buy not the designer shoes, but the ones that look close enough to pass muster? How about a heroine who buys ground beef and adds rice and bread crumbs to stretch it? Yup, that's real alright. How about those moments when you have to stretch your paycheck and hope you have enough money left over the week to buy gas so you can get to work? I've definitely been there. And the love and ties of family, having to work hard all day and get home, take care of your family, go to bed, and get up and do it again. I think a lot of readers can identify with that.

So what if Rose is magical, along with everyone in her family? That's a little more on the fantasy part of the scale. But this combination is why urban fantasy is so irresistible to me. The real and the surreal nicely entwined. The ideas in this story strike me as very unique and different. I liked it a lot, even if some elements was pretty odd, like a reanimated grandfather who likes to eat stray dogs' brains.

Or the fact that a lot folks in the Edge community can curse people, or send flashes of powerful energy out of their bodies. And then there is the shapeshifting younger brother of Rose, Jack. The other young brother is a powerful necromancer hence the zombie granddad. And things get even more interesting when Declan shows up.

Rose's powerful flash abilities have made her an asset to Blueblood families who want to integrate her genes into their family lines, one way or the other. She has become wary of men for that reason, since most of her suitors didn't ask nicely. So when too good to be true Declan shows up to claim her and take her back to the Weird, the magical lands that are adjacent to the Edge, she definitely doesn't eagerly go off with him.

She makes an oath with the handsome warrior that he can have her if he succeeds in her three challenges. However, they have big problems on their hands, as there are horrible, magical hounds that are devouring Edgers for their magic. And they really want to get their hands on Rose and her family. I loved Rose. She was a heroine that you could hang with, and that you'd be slightly in awe of, because she knows how to take care of business.

She's the type that you tell to do something, and she takes about five minutes or more, and she's back and ready to get the job done. Not the heroine who is infallible and annoyingly perfect. Nope, she's the heroine that you love because she tries so hard, and she has the determination to do what is necessary. I loved Rose's commitment to her brothers, how she raised them from a young age after her mother lost her mind and her father ran off treasure-hunting. Jack and Georgie her brothers are adorable and genuine little boys, despite their very unusual abilities.

They were sweeties and reminded me of the poem about what boys are made of you know, snails and puppy dog tails. You could see why Rose loves them, even though being a single mom to her brothers is far from easy. Declan was a great match for Rose. He was just as determined and capable.

He might be a rich princelike guy, but he was down to earth enough that this didn't bother me. And I do like tough, warrior heroes, I won't lie. He took to the kids very quickly, and he treated them like they were his own. He even makes pancakes for them. I liked how he was as much a thinker as a doer, a problem-solver not afraid to get his hands dirty. He was a guy who made a commitment and stood by his word, no matter what. Declan was definitely a knight in shining armor, and I could see why Rose fell in love with him.

William was also adorable. I felt for him, and I will probably end up reading Bayou Moon soon to get more of him. I liked his wildness but also his goodness and how sweet he was with the kids I am a sucker for that. On the Edge has its dark, gruesome elements, but I'm okay with that. I like some dark in my fantasy. I loved the juxtaposition of the everyday with the fantastic and surreal. The Andrews have a great way of writing descriptively and setting the scene without overdoing things and info-dumping. I like that the narrative is spare in some places, and the character sketches give you enough to get an idea of the folks in the story, but you can still learn more as you read.

There are times you have to figure things out as you go, which is what I prefer, to be honest. Although I am sure this book wouldn't work for everyone, I had a ball reading it. I liked everything about it. The romance was great, but the fantasy elements were equally important. I'd recommend this to a reader who likes fantasy but wants to try romance, and a reader on the other side of that equation.

Nov 12, Sh3lly GrumpyBookGrrrl. Dear God, please protect me from the wrath of the Ilona Andrews fans who might read this review. I'm sure I just read it wrong. Hey, I'm a huge fan! But this book did not work for me. I wanted to love it. I just could not connect with Rose or Declan. I disliked them both. I get the motivation for why Rose acted like she did toward him, but that didn't make it any easier to read. It takes "slow burn" romance to another level entirely. Like glacial melt rom Dear God, please protect me from the wrath of the Ilona Andrews fans who might read this review.

Like glacial melt romance. I did really like Georgie and Jack. I liked the magic, but you know, I really didn't like the Edge. Everyone seemed mean and gossipy and hateful. The Broken The Weird sounded interesting, but even those people seemed stuck up and pompous. I don't know. I did not care for this. I love Ilona Andrews and will try the next one out in this series to see if it vibes with me better. I hope it does. Buddy read with Ilona Andrews Addicts group starting January 19, View all 22 comments.

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When I first read this book, it was my very first foray into Ilona Andrews' work. I loved it, dearly, but I did have issues with it - some that I was reminded of on this re-read. Does Declan have a reason for his actions? But they still suck.

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Does he make it right in the end? But some of the things said prior to then, I'm left wondering if they were part of the 'act' or just his real thoughts. I still dunno. I like Declan. I love Rose. And I can't wait to read more about William. I'm reminded once again, as if I needed it, why I love Ilona Andrews. So I should actually read my previous reviews before I cross-post. I need to add some stuff here. It makes sense in the end, but still All I can say is stick with him, and even if you don't love him by the end, I think you'll still be wanting to continue on - after all, future books contain different main characters.

Rose's reaction to Declan was a little irritating, too. Instead of kicking his ass from here to kingdom come, she was a little too accepting. She does come around and do some ass-kicking, but I do wish it'd been sooner rather than later. But William. Nom nom. Must have more William luckily his book is next. And I just noticed that I first read this before the Kate Daniels series Original review cross-posted from here.

On the Edge

Buddy read with my friends at IAA. The world here that Ilona Andrews created is a fascinating place. Not quite our world, not quite a fantasy world, it's vivid, captivating place filled with captivating characters. I was absolutely immersed in the Edge, and loved every moment that I spent there.

Rose was a fascinating character.

The World Scholar's Cup · Social Studies · On the Edge of Society

She's had the rose-colored glasses, pardon the pun, ripped off her face and expects the worst in everyone but family, whom she's fiercely loyal to. She's very stubborn and almost can't back down from a challenge. I admit I loved this about her. She was not about to let anyone run her life or take over for her. Rose wasn't about to give her trust to anyone that didn't deserve it, and she damn sure wasn't going to let just anyone have her heart. Declan, I absolutely loved from the first moment that Rose tried to run him over.

He was arrogant and brash, and yet at the same time he's honorable, loyal and admirable. His interactions with Rose and her family made my heart tremble. I was rooting for him to find the way past Rose's defenses from the start. Beyond the utterly wonderful world, and vividness of Rose and Declan, there's a supporting cast of fully three-dimensional cast of secondary characters. Jack and Georgie, in particular, just hit my heart hard.

I loved seeing through their point-of-views, feeling the heart-breaking burden of their gifts, the absolutely pure love they had for each other and Rose, and the disarming yearning they had for peace and happiness. The evil that threatens Rose and all those that live in the edge is cruel and vicious, with complicated connections. I did feel that the resolution of it was a bit rushed, but I was so involved in the character's journeys that it was only after I finished that I really thought about that. As a first time reader of Ms. Andrews, I was absolutely enchanted with the world-building, the characters, and the emotions in On the Edge.

And I can't wait to go back and visit the world again with Bayou Moon which is already out. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys Patricia Briggs and Jeaniene Frost. Andrews has a way of pulling you into the world, to the point where I was up late into the night just having to read 'one more' chapter. View all 5 comments. Dec 04, Melindam rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , paranormal-urban-fantasy , kickass-heroine.

Warning: This will be pretty much a fangirling review. It is fresh, with sweet and bitter flavours in the right proportions, guaranteed to make you feel hot despite all the ice. You just quaff it all an Warning: This will be pretty much a fangirling review.

You just quaff it all and when you get to the bottom of your glass, you just want a refill right away. He is just so adorably and irresistably aristocratic erotic-ratic and aloof and yet you know that there is fire behind the ice a definite Mr Darcy-vibe, if you ask me. And when push comes to shove, I do prefer blondes. Jun 15, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , paranormal-romance.

I love Kate Daniels. Ilona Andrews knows how to write female characters with strong personalities and snarky humor - a winning combination in my eyes. I love sarcastic girls! This story is about Rose. She lives in a place called the Edge, which is in a land that sits between the two main lands in this world.

One is magical, called the Weird, and the other is non-magical and like our modern world, called the Broken. The Edge is in-between and the people have some magic. It's also like the back woo I love Kate Daniels. It's also like the back woods of Kentucky or something because these people are serious redneck hillbillies. Everybody wants her because she can pop out some magical babies. She's got special eggs But, Rose has been burned before. She had a boyfriend whom she thought loved her, and he betrayed her by planning on kidnapping her and selling her off to the highest bidder.

So, this guy from Weird shows up and says he wants to marry her. She's slightly skeptical, and totally not interested. She has built quite a life for herself - raising her two brothers and working as a maid, while living in squalor in hillbillyville and barely able to afford food. Why would she want to leave all of that? So, she tells this guy, Declan, that he has to complete three tests to win her and she will leave with him. She has no plan to go anywhere with this guy, so she plans on making the tests harder than the bar exam.

But, she still can appreciate a good-looking a-hole when she sees one. But, she would have even more fun when she watched that muscled back and that perfect ass recede as he walked down the path away from her house, never to return. This book is lots of fun and has many chuckle-worthy moments. Declan is definitely a good love-interest, and William is also interesting. I am looking forward to William's book. View all 10 comments.

Mar 11, Shannon rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: people looking for something different and not the normal PNR. Shelves: shifters , owned , color-green , adult , color-orange , magic , sexy-urban-fantasy. Honestly, this book probably has one of the most unique worlds I've come across in a long time. The character development is fantastic and the way the point of views shift really adds something to the overall story.

I enjoyed this book a lot more than Magic Bites and I'm definitely going to continue with this series! Rose was stubborn and ornery most of the book but for once she's a character that has legitimate reasons. Declan is a fascinating character with more sides to him than first appear. Rose's two brothers, George and Jack, are probably the best children characters I've ever come across in a work of adult fiction. You get to see the world through their POV and it's really refreshing. I thought all the secondary characters were really great too, but the villain was kind of underdeveloped - I thought his minions were scarier.

In a world where every paranormal romance book is about vampires, werewolves, or fairies, it's nice to read something that it so different. And this is definitely paranormal romance and way hotter than the Kate Daniels series. This was probably one of my favorite books I've read all year and I can't wait for the next installment! View all 40 comments. Dec 12, Lisa Kay rated it it was amazing Shelves: its-magic , ingroup-challenge , m-library-sj-audio-ocd , reviewed-by-me , character-child-children-featured , 2-authors-writers , authors-a , authors-i , character-blonde-hero , series-e.

Adored this book! I am actually reading it for the second time. I mean in a row! IA has created a captivating world here — well three, actually: The Broken, The Weird, and The Edge — as well as characters that leap off the page and into a delicious plot and back-story.

However, I have never had this kind of dilemma before: since I wanted some clarification, did I start over at the beginning when I was on Chapter nine and re-read, just pick and choose sections to double check, or continue on because it was getting so delicious?

View all 15 comments. Nov 19, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: magic , fantasy , paranormal , buddy-reads , shifters , adult , read-in , romance , urban. I originally wanted to read these books, because while reading Sweep in Peace my friends kept telling me about the crossover of characters from this book. No big deal, I marked it in my notes and figured I'd read this series eventually.

So I'm reading this, and completely loving it, and by the end I'm like, "Man, I really love Jack, he's like my favorite in this book! I didn't even take into account that the crossover characters could have aged! And apparently, I didn't look at the names in the notes very well. Seriously, I was at a loss for words!

Okay, enough fangirling. This story is about the Edge , which is where the Weird and the Broken touch. The Weird has magic, and the Broken does not. The thesaurus of synonyms and related words is fully integrated into the dictionary. Click on the thesaurus category heading under the button in an entry to see the synonyms and related words for that meaning.

This film will keep you on the edge of your seat. Change your default dictionary to British English. Show more. Show less. Using the thesaurus. Close What are red words?

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