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Published by Morgan Todd Modified over 3 years ago. Bigfoot is rarely been seen and never for more than a few seconds.

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Europeans discovered Big Foot for the first time in the 19 th century. Bigfoot lived as long as five hundred thousand years ago and even in the Ice Age.

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Scientist have hair samples said to belong to Big Foot. No, some scientist say he is real, and some say he is fake. Some scientists say he is fake because they have never seen him. And some scientists say he is real because they have seen him.

Bigfoot enigma

Most of the scientists that did not believe in him have now discovered him so now they believe in him. His nick name is abominable snowman. He weighs over pounds!!!!!!!! His foot print is 17 inches long. There are many movies about bigfoot today. A gorilla and a bear had kids and made Big Foot. The population grew and more and more came into life.

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Author Scott C. Format Paperback. Publisher Createspace.

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About this product Product Information An exploration of the Bigfoot Phenomena and review of possible explanations of the creature from an open-minded scientist's point of view. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Any Condition Any Condition. No ratings or reviews yet.

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Bigfoot Enigma Bigfoot Enigma
Bigfoot Enigma Bigfoot Enigma
Bigfoot Enigma Bigfoot Enigma
Bigfoot Enigma Bigfoot Enigma
Bigfoot Enigma Bigfoot Enigma
Bigfoot Enigma Bigfoot Enigma
Bigfoot Enigma Bigfoot Enigma
Bigfoot Enigma Bigfoot Enigma

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