Passing Through Shadows

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Interchanger (Single)

Passing Through The Valley Of The Shadow of Death

When the Moon passes between Sun and Earth, the lunar shadow is seen as a solar eclipse on Earth. When Earth passes directly between Sun and Moon, its shadow creates a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses can only happen when the Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky, a monthly occurrence we know as a full Moon.

But lunar eclipses do not occur every month because the Moon's orbit is tilted five degrees from Earth's orbit around the Sun. Without the tilt, lunar eclipses would occur every month. Lunar and solar eclipses occur with about equal frequency. Lunar eclipses are more widely visible because Earth casts a much larger shadow on the Moon during a lunar eclipse than the Moon casts on Earth during a solar eclipse.

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Book IV, Chp. Before them dark in the dawn the great mountains reached up to roofs of smoke and cloud. Out from their feet were flung huge buttresses and broken hills that were now at the nearest scarce a dozen miles away.

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Frodo looked round in horror. Dreadful as the Dead Marshes had been, and the arid moors of the Noman-lands, more loathsome far was the country that the crawling day now slowly unveiled to his shrinking eyes. Even to the Mere of Dead Faces some haggard phantom of green spring would come; but here neither spring nor summer would ever come again. Here nothing lived, not even the leprous growths that feed on rottenness. The gasping pools were choked with ash and crawling muds, sickly white and grey, as if the mountains had vomited the filth of their entrails upon the lands about.

High mounds of crushed and powdered rock, great cones of earth fire-blasted and poison-stained, stood like an obscene graveyard in endless rows, slowly revealed in the reluctant light.

A bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world.

Well, for a very simple reason — it changes the whole outlook of this line. The curtain can drop when your life is as perfect as an artfully lit Instagram photo. Because clinical depression is NOT a sensible reaction to your circumstances.

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It shows up uninvited, stays as long as it wants, and sometimes brings friends like anxiety, PTSD, and other fun party guests. This current iteration of my depression is like being in a car that is traveling very quickly through tunnels and dense patches of forest. You do what you can. You call your therapist.

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You message your friends, but not, like, the super happy ones — you want the ones who are on their own shadow-journey because you feel like they get you. You clean obsessively.

as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death

You do a lot of wishful Pinteresting. You take your medicine. You sleep.

Passing Through Shadows Passing Through Shadows
Passing Through Shadows Passing Through Shadows
Passing Through Shadows Passing Through Shadows
Passing Through Shadows Passing Through Shadows
Passing Through Shadows Passing Through Shadows
Passing Through Shadows Passing Through Shadows

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