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Now I understand and belive when you say that: empty force strikes …. Notwithstanding this, in our school what we consider the highest technique or skill is Sitting Meditation. We consider meditation a martial art technique or skill because it is taught in our Shaolin Kungfu and Wahnam Taijiquan. It is the highest because it leads to the greatest achievement any being can ever attained, i. In traditional Asian arts, dim mak is not the only method using or targeting acupoints. There are several.

Master Wong is describing some of them. They follow the concept of Empty Force strikes. In my humble opinion, the highest level of the arts was best expressed by Sun Tzu 2, years ago:. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the [highest level] of skill. Now when you say: In traditional Asian arts, dim mak is not the only method using or targeting acupoints. There are several…. Some Masters can do so their Chi run up to the top of the sword or staff so when hitting the enemies the enemies get the shock of Chi making him more weak! Is this Empty Force or Dim Mak? Some Masters call heal whit Chi coming out of their fingers, so how could this chi at the same time also be use to kill or hurt?

I mean must the Master think bad so the energy be bad or what? Or would that bad energy of the Master hurt some one that is not in a bad energy state? Dear Rick I had get some answer about some part of my question on private E-mail after putting the question here! So after seen careful the contents of the book, and all that I had been learn from you Rick in this Homepage and on private E-mails, I had decide to not buy Dr.

Pier Tsui-Po books! I remember the answer i get in the Shen Men Tao forum by Doc Stier there he said, someting like that is not wise to learn Dim Mak from a book, but that a book should be just for information! Rick have you any plans or comments about teaching Dim Mak online? Just like some Masters do! In reference to your recent posts, I respectfully would offer the following thoughts and observations:. Different systems and styles have different terms for different techniques. Some are the same — they are just called by different names. I personally would not include the methods being described as dim mak.

Based on the old classics, this is another method of using Chi, Hugo. It is not Empty Force, and it is not really dim mak. I would consider this a Chi augmentation strike. Again, this is just my opinion. The concept of Empty Force consists of striking someone with a projection of Chi energy at a distance, in which no physical contact is made. This is not dim mak.

In recent years as well as in the past , a number of people have come forward, claiming in the Press to be able to strike people with Empty Force. But these same people have not been able to demonstrate this skill in controlled scientific settings. These types of media failures have called into question the legitimacy of these types of techniques, Hugo, and also brought along comparisons to magician tricks.

It is one of the reasons why this area is so controversial. In Dim mak, all strikes are to the points. The acupoints are the access openings for reaching the meridian channels in the body. The healing arts use the same acupoints, but in a different way. The process is slightly different, but the acupoint centers are the same. All points can be used both to heal, and to harm. It is Yin and Yang. But it takes a true Master of the Art to do it correctly and consistently.

In my humble opinion Hugo, energy is energy. It is not bad or good — it simply has a wavelength like voltage or current and a polarity positive charge vs. In the standard classic, the NEI JING, it is the manner in which Chi is used which is significant, as well as the type of energy being used — not what the Master is thinking. Again, this is as the classics describe the conceptual uses. The Old Masters always stressed the role of Chi in dim mak. Chi, as an entity, though, has not been quantified by Western Scientific standards.

A large number of people within the modern martial arts community view it as a myth. It is a very controversial subject in the arts. Since you mentioned our private discussion, Hugo, I will respectfully summarize what I told you off-line:. Over the years, I have seen quite a few books on dim mak. All of them discuss point locations, and certain methods of using them. But I am unaware of any book which describes only the history and philosophy of dim mak — which is what my friend Hugo is most interested in finding.

In Dr. This is a very common approach, I should note. Regrettably, the book does not have the extensive discussion of the history and lineage of dim mak, which Hugo is interested in seeing. In regards to the developmental history of the martial arts in asia, the subject is very complex, and very few records exist prior to In part, this was due to the oral tradition and record keeping practices.

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Not much was written down. Prior to the Boxer Rebellion, there were a number of Asian styles that had dim mak. The Boxer Rebellion was a popular uprising against foreigners. Many of the Boxers Chinese martial artists believed that they could develop their Chi to the point they could stop bullets. The Boxer leaders convinced the Chinese Empress that they had divine spirit powers, and that China should go to war to wipe out all foreigners and forein influences.

The Empress agreed, and threw her support behind the movement. This popular uprising swelled in ranks, and ultimately included almost the entire Shaolin order, and members of almost every martial arts group in the Maritime Provinces. The Boxers united with local militia, and attacked the foreign troops. As the war progressed, the foreign troops hunted down all martial artists — shooting them on sight.

They destroyed temples and martial libraries and so forth. Completely unnerved, the Chinese Government fled the capital, and struggled to make peace with the foreign armies. In order to end the war, they offered many concessions. One such concession was helping to hunt down the rebels. As a result of the Boxer Rebellion and its aftermath, hundreds of thousands of Chinese martial artists were killed. In fact, some martial arts groups were decimated to the verge of extinction. In the occupied areas, martial arts were prohibited. Anyone caught practicing a martial art were arrested, severely punished, and often killed.

In the final years of the war, the Allied bombings also heavily contributed to the losses. Millions of books were confiscated and burned in huge bonfires. This is one of the reasons why so little exists today Hugo. Much of it has been destroyed. Fortunately, some of the Masters survived the war periods.

What we know today largely comes from them. In my humble opinion, books can be very valuable resources to learning… but there is no substitute for a teacher, and a lot of hard work and training. The internet can be a wonderful source of information, Hugo, just like a book or a DVD. To properly learn a complex and physically demanding subject, such as a martial art, and to learn it correctly, requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and time, as well as an instructor.

Then practice, practice, practice. I hope the above is helpful. It simply reflects my opinion. I will sign out now and leave the discussion for others. Thank you Rick is a very good answer from you like always, you are really a good heart man and Master! That is truth!

Investigating the Dim Mak Death Touch

You had became to know me very well my Friend Rick and my apologies to mention our conversation on private E-mails, well from now on it be just between us, Rick! Thank you Rick! It is said by many to be the last word on the development of Chinese martial arts no just wushu or kungfu in China. The author spent years travelling throughout China and visited the various sites of origin, such as Chen village for Taijiquan, Wudang Shan, and I believe Shaolin Temple.

Until he passed away at , he was known as the greatest living expert on Taijiquan his grandmaster was Yang Luchan himself. I would send it to you but it is not even available in my country. I have been looking high and low for it myself. From my own research Dim Mac does exist. In some Chinese provinces it was considered as the highest skill in martial arts.

Hiting your opponent without raising your hand; putting off a candle by projecting your energy towards it ; lining peolpe up and having someone call a number then stricking the first person in the line without hurting him or anybody in the lime but knoking out the person whose number you called in the line. There was a Chinese master from the early 20th century who was so good at it that they used to call him two days. Because all the people who challenged him were dead after two days because of his poison hands.

He would pile up bricks and have you pick any under the first one then he would hit the top one and not smash any except the one that was picked. Those were Neigong Grand Masters. To be a Neigong grand Master you had to be able to perform about miraculous acts that only Grand Masters could perform.

Thank you Simon for your comment! I wonder what are the name of that Chinese master from the early 20th century? Thank you…. And to all that have posted comments, I have enjoyed reading everything you all have written. To Mr. I have some questions for you if you do not mind since you have so much knowledge about martial arts in general. I have been searching for a master in the ancient art of Qigong, and I have found your reference of Chinese History very informative why it has been so hard for me to find an authentic master of that art.

But I have seen it with my own eyes and had my legs go numb with a touch to my forehead A slight touch. Now i believe in Dim Mak. This art is not for someone like a loose cannon. You must respect people not to abuse this art. Also Intent, vibratory sounds, emotions even colors can be used. Sincerly Mike. The Lama Art is really powerful. But is hard to find information or books about the Dim Mak of Lama Kung Fu so i am glad that you had posted at least your comment!

Good Day because we before talk about my ex former Teacher Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit, i belive this could be a interesting video to see!

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Thanks Rick you are a doing a good job. I have not read all the posts but with the little I have read you are doing a good job. I am rather surprised at your control of emotions which is very good. What I dont know does not exist is his motto. The other might be he believes his style is better than any other style. As long as people are dumb and believe nonsense the mysterious bullshit techniques exist.

They buy books and attend seminaries and pay big pucks for it. When they go home late at night they still get beaten up by the thugs who have never learned any martial arts. Ivar I dont believe calling names tackles the question being discussed hear. Every Technique has it counter, that is why there is attack and defense. The difference between a Mach 10 and an uzi is the person behind it. Let us not insult other peoples believe. Someone may also not see your believe in the style u practise. We might even argue that if you have defended yourself successfully against any hoodlum who knows nothing about your style, the coincidence may just be that they were as ignorant as those u tend to insult.

I have seen Black belts being beaten before just because they dont seem to understand what they have learnt. I trust we all have something to learn form each others style and that is how and why there are all different sort of martial arts out there. I have several of Earls books as well as a training video and the man is the real deal i have trained with a student of his who was my teacher named David Harris.

I also have met Ashida Kim nice guy really easy to talk to but I do practice the dim-mak hand strikes as well as atemi- waza i have a disability were I cannot kick with my legs to well so i must concentrate on hand techniques alone. Additionally, Pulmonary Contusion has been known to cause a range of effects, including death. Not necessarilly directly upon suffering the injury, either.

Dim Mak has too many different meanings to too many different people to give a straight Yes or No. And apart from the direct translations, exact meanings and so forth, you also have to compete with the fact that we could either be talking about a direct translation or an interpretation of a concept.

Do the old masters tell us -exactly- what is happening, or do they give us a more poetic and artistic outline of a physiological happening? It is also possible that this death is immediate or delayed. However, the strength required to inflict sufficient injury to result in death is substantial to say the least. Reported deaths caused by Commotio Cordis are often attributed to sporting injuries, where the deceased has been struck with a blunt instrument baseball bat or some other fast-moving object an extremely strong kick to a soccer ball, for example.

Pulmonary Contusion is often attributed to some form of motor vehicle accident. Even then, the variations in the human physiology from person to person would result in variations in effect from the same strike from person to person. In summary: It is possible to kill instantly with a hand strike. It is also possible to cause a delayed death from a hand strike. Substantial strength is required in either case. My vote is a yes. By master you meen the videos you watch off of youtube. I know so many people like you that claim to be black belt or martial artists, but you just watch to many kung-fu movies and you hope people will be afraid of ou if you tell them you have a black belt, POSH.

I agree about Earl i have a few of his books hes the best I know of teaches basics and advanced techniques nothing mystical about it just good body mechanics and science. I have studied various martial arts since I was 16… About as long as I have studied computers and YES, we did have computers back then!

Your milage depends upon your driving habits. Who needs to know Dim Mak? Maybe a few of my students who are in Iraq serving our country, the U. Is it real? Who wants a to be the recipient of a Dim Mak demonstration? These are the real questions about Dim Mak.

I know a few of these techniques but I will not teach them to anyone else unless they can prove to me that they may actually need it. I agree a gun is better but the practice of the din mak art could cause some one to learn it just to kill…. I really dont get why people want to learn it…. Dimmak is not only to kill!

Hi i completly agree with dim mak as a phisical effect but there are other explanations for the dim mak effects. Witch doctors in Afrika. I have also heard that most people bitten by a nonpoisonous snake fall ill with poisining effects. Still the fact remains, a mystic could kill by doing fuck all, the people kill themselves. Dim Mak isnt a realistic defense system.

The only effective cavity press will be used by someone like John Chang. Extreme control of chi. I had a stomach congestion that was troubling my respiration,numbness in my left arm and headaches. My uncle who is a doctor told me it was the stomach channel and that I needed some herbs and acupuncture.

When I consumed the herbs, I started feeling much better. I think that the Dim Mak is a secret technique and difficult to apply in real combat.

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People say Dim Mak is a secret technique. Sigh… If you want to kill, use a gun, rock, stick bomb or if you want to heal then go to a good medical school. When I was in the Navy I needed a shot in the butt every time I came back from shore leave. Good Corp Men are hard to find. I am originally from the UK but have lived in China for the last 5 years. I suffer from a form of painful arthritis, and I have used many different types of pain relief. Accupuncture is indeed a fantastic and natural way of combatting the pain.

Dam Mak is just another way in which these points in the body can be manipulated. These and Chinese medicines have worked here for thousands of years. I have actually seen a woman give birth by way of a C-Section, and she was treated using accupuncture and small electric pulses. She smiled througout the whole process without even a whimper. If Westerners cannot explain something using their own logic they simply dismiss it.

Hi Lee look into bee sting therapy, they use honey bees then sting themselves in the affected area mike. To tristan : This is your problem…. I understand that bad guys pissed you off…. We may never know what killed him but if it was dim mak then the chances are he had a good reason to be killed. Because often BJJ nazis are more like the atheists, and the traditional practitioners more like creationists; the Trads back up their statements with philosophical and supernatural ambiguities while the BJJ nazis demand proof.

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Return argument from the Moderns: If it works on the street it should work in the ring under no-holds barred or limited-rules. Note 2: If your martial art will not work in the ring because of the rules, it means that it must be completely made up of small joint manipulation, biting, gouging, strikes to the spine, neck and back of the head.

These techniques put together would not equal a street-effective martial art. The street vs sport argument is invalid. There are a set of basics which can increase your chances of survival. I laughed when I read the stuff about Dim Mak being a higher-percentage knockout than a punch to the jaw. A dim mak punch to the jaw?

As opposed to any non-chinese MA properly executed punch to the jaw which accomplishes the same thing? He said that any Dim Mak punch was better than a punch to the jaw. This comment I have a problem with. I came across this forum by accident. I am really enjoying all the different comments on Dim Mak. Rather than go threw all the explanations and make comments I am going to give you my story instead. When I was 8 years old 2 major events happened to me.

The skill of holding or pressing injuries until the pain goes away. Both of these lead to years of studying martial arts and deep tissue repair. I am now 41 years old and and a Master of Acupressure. My journey of Martial arts is as follows. The more I studied the human body for martial arts the more I saw the holistic relationship with Acupressure. Using my own Acupressure I was back to work in 6 months.

I have hundreds of major tears in my body and thousands of micro tears that have all turned into scar tissue. My family Dr had never saw so much soft tissue damage and never saw anyone get back to work so quickly after such an accident. This lead to a ton of interest by other people to use my Acupressure on them. Before this I was working on family and friends all my life. Threw results on myself and others I now have a extremely successful Acupressure business.

This is leading to the Dim Mak conversation you folks have been having. I use my fingers, wood, marble and metal Acupressure tools on the human body on a daily basis. I work on meridian points and damaged soft tissue to help the body heal itself. I have helped tons of people get there life back when the western medical doctors and specialists have told my customers there was nothing else they could do for them. I am accredited in body systems. Circulatory, Respiratory, Muscular and Skeletal.

Now that I have blasted you with my credentials and experiences I will explain what Dim Mak means to me. Dim Mak is the use of a spear hand attack shuto. No fist, no palm, no elbow, no knee, no choke, no ju-jitsu, no kicks or grappling. There are key points on the body not all Meridian. That when stricken will have severe damaging effects. The shuto strike has to hit with tremendous force and extreme speed. We are talking 35km per hour at lbs per square inch.

With all my years of acupressure, martial arts experience and research I have never found a point on the body that can be tapped or lightly stricken that will cause death or paralysis. However with the right speed, lbs of pressure and most important, Accuracy! You can kill immediately, or days later a person will die, you can cause paralysis, you can cause long term damage to internal organs. You make a guy pee blood for years, the list goes on. If you miss then your gonna take damage to your hand or worse your opponent is going to use your mistake as an opportunity to crush you. Dim Mak is very difficult to use during combat.

However it can save your life if you are extremely out gunned by weight, youth and reach. I would never personally use Dim Mak on anyone unless I felt my life depended on it. During kumite I have used light Dim mak to non essential parts of the body. Hitting muscles on my opponent causing lots of pain and discomfort.

Making it difficult for my opponent to concentrate due to pain. No long term damage just pain. Now this is kumite not mma. I would not play around in an mma fight this way. There are more rules in kumite that give allowances that you cannot take in an mma fight. This has been my personal experience and research. I hope it adds some flavor to your martial arts journey. In part, I would concur.

Under the classic study of Dim Mak, Acupressure Tui Na was recognized and taught as part of the complete curriculum. I would respectfully disagree. The striking patterns used in the full study of Dim Mak are not restricted just to the spear hand shuto. There are a number of strikes, as well as kicks that are taught and are employed.

Such a strike would inflict a considerable amount of blunt trauma. But sheer kinetic force is not the sole basis of a Dim Mak strike. In my professional experience, I would respectfully disagree. There are a number of strike patterns in Dim Mak which can be done, which do not require large amounts of contact pressure.

These types of precision strikes require master level skill, and take years of hard study and practice to learn correctly. I would also add that the outcome of a strike is dependent on the precision and skill of the martial artist. Both sides of these arguments have valid points. No one that has posted here about the merits of Dim Mak has claimed it to be some mystical magical thing. They are just saying that if you have the skill to strike a sensitive area of the body, it will cause more damage than striking a non-sensitive area of the body.

The whole argument of a knockout blow punch to the jaw proves the point of Dim Mak. But if you punch, kick, elbow, knee, chop, head butt, whatever to the jaw, throat, nose, eye, groin, brain stem, etc, it is going to have a stronger effect than hitting your opponent in the shoulder. If you can strike or grab a tendon, it will hurt more than muscle. If you can hit certain nerves or blood vessals you can cause more pain, potentially dizziness, or worse. So the target is more important than the attack. Call it what you want, dim mak, a pressure point, a sensitive area, a nerve center, a chi meridian, it all has the same conclusion, trauma to a sensitive area will cause more damage than a non sensitive area, or a specific target can cause a specific result, so why not try to learn what those sensitive areas are to improve your odds and skill in combat no matter what your attacking techniques are.

The principle of Dim Mak which is just a more in depth version of the principle behind more basic punching and kicking, is a specific action towards a specific target can cause a specific reaction. Also it seems that basic MA tend to do more full contact sparring and competing, so those practitioners are more used to those situations. Also learning gross motor movements are more likely to work in a real situation whether it is real combat or sport combat. Complex and fine motor movements go out the window if your fight or flight response kicks in and your adrenaline is going wild and your heart rate sky rockets.

That is why most traditional martial artists that used to go into UFC got their ass kicked. UFC,pride, etc are very limited at testing many aspects of martial arts. BJJ or any grappling on the ground is the worst possible thing you can do against multiple attackers, or attackers with weapons. If you ever watch the tv shows human weapon or fight quest, you can see the proof of this. Both shows have MMA guys that get sent to learn exotic MA and then get tested against students in those styles.

The MMA guys totally failed and got their asses handed to them against the marine corp martial arts because the MMA guys were not trained in weapons and defense against weapons. On the contrary I think the basics are the best way to start, build confidence and basic self defense skills. I love doing jujitsu, but if you never learn advanced techniques and are put in a situation that calls for advanced techniques you are at a disadvantage.

Anyone that considers themselves a serious martial artist should learn how to attack and defend with firearms, knives, sticks or staffs, and how to handle multiple attacker situations. If you have two guys that are both masters of the basics, but only one has also mastered the advanced stuff, who has the advantage?

The people that do all that stuff looking for popularity, publicity, financial gain, etc are usually frauds. The real deal generally only teach and demonstrate to trusted disciples. You may not believe or like that explanation but in my experience it is true. There are many MMA guys who have very little skill, but are just really well conditioned strong athletes.

He has some good wrestling take down skills, but other than that he fights like a wild gorilla with no strategy or technique. It only works for him because he is so big and strong, not because it is a good style. These guys have a little success from brute force. They have no skill or technique. Self development, health, spirituality, mental improvement are just a few of the very important aspects of a real martial art. MMA and some of the other basic martial styles completely ignore these other areas. They only address the physical and fighting aspect. That is so limited. How many people actually ever get in a real life threatening fight?

Guess what MMA is very inferior against those things compared to more traditional styles that practice static and dynamic forms as well as still and moving meditation. Be wary of guys that are full of bullshido cuz there are a lot of them out there. Feel free to attack me and tear it apart, and twist my words around or take anything I said out of context.

Yes, i assume so, dim mak was discovered by bodhidhama after just randomly jabbing prisoners, slaves and any other whathave you? I would imagine that he got other results other than pain and deaths. I would respectfully agree. From a conceptual stand-point, they are opposite sides of the same coin. Modern archeological evidence, as well as the existing text evidence, shows the opposite occurred. The medical basis of accupoints were discovered and systematized first, and the martial applications came much later.

The martial uses of striking acupoints first appear in Chinese literature during the late Tang Dynasty AD … but most likely pre-date that period by several hundred years. While his contributions to the Chinese Martial Arts are immense, he was not responsible for dim mak. The Chinese credit the origins of dim mak to Chang Shen Fang, the traditional creator of Tai Chi Chuan, who lived during the thirteenth century.

But there are earlier records which discuss the results of select strikes to accupoint centers, with the intention of causing trauma. The earliest strike pattern observations were probably random. But by the eleventh century, these experiments were precise and intentional. Ummmmm…… ignorance is bliss. Dim Mac is legit. A crock, I think not. I have felt smaller scale moves and was even knocked out for a few seconds with a poke to my arm and a light slap to the back of my head. Prove that evidence wrong.

Dim Mak Death Touch

Especially since you have provided no evidence at all. Otherwise, I claim that countless masters have tried their Dim Mak on me and failed, and this claim has just as much legitimacy as yours. Lastly, Ninjutsu and Aikijujutsu are two different arts. Firstly, one on one combat is the only situation in which you have a chance of complete victory over your opponent. In a multiple attacker situation, the best option is escape, and knocking them out is in no way a priority.

Secondly, almost every BJJ gym will have a weapons curriculum. It is a required part of the training syllabus at my gym, along with standup striking. Lastly, you cite Fight Quest and such shows as evidence for this argument. The fact is, the producers of these shows cannot in any way allow defamation of an art.

Their hosts effectively HAVE to get their asses handed to them in order to stop an uproar from the practitioners of that art. For an example of such, watch the Human Weapon Ninjutsu episode. Even after they defeated and drew even with two extremely high-ranking practitioners who had been training specifically in those areas for a preposterously longer peroid of time, they still claimed the art was effective.

They had no choice. Your entire argument, however, seems geared to insinuate that there is an art better than MMA or BJJ for all-round combat. As for weapons training, it should be incorporated smoothly into everything else. After all, the same biomechanical basics apply. BJJ was, after all, designed primarily to deal with self-defence.

Well RLS if your such a skeptic, and your ignorance for the human body and its energy pathways proves this, then take your time trying to prove a good martial art wrong, and better apply it say oh… finding a master and asking him to prove you wrong. Only then can you say that its not true. And as for the two being seperate martial arts, you know nothing. Aiki is a style used in my training. Ninjutsu; supposedly most directly related arts are the X-kan; the arts associated with Toshitsugu Takamatsu and his supposed Ninja lineage; these comprise of the Bujinkan, Genbukan and Jinenkan.

Anything else claiming to be Ninjutsu has far less historical basis for their claims, if any at all which is doubtful. Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu and Ninjutsu are two totally different arts. Do you train Ninjutsu within the X-kan, Ninjutsu outside the X-kan which do not have any historical basis beyond an association with Koyu or X-kan arts or Aiki-Jujutsu?

If your so knowledgable on the subject, then why dont you enlighten me on the physical proof that you have, that gives scientific reason as to why this martial art does NOT work. And i would seriously consider training with a sensai that knows Dim Mak before you state your closing argument. Carlton, I have trained in Bujinkan Ninjutsu. But irrespective of that, you did not claim that they are similar stylesm with similar approach and execution.

You directly stated that they were the same thing. This is like saying that Judo, Wrestling and Shuai Jiao are all the same art because they have similar techniques and goals. Plus, many one-touch knockout artists have been debunked. See these videos, the others in the Bullshido series and hundreds of others out there for examples. Okay if you want proof feel free to any time your feeling sceptical poke a pen into your foot and then one into your eye and tell me which one hurts the most, I mean seriously do you expect anyone to go across the world jabing people just to prove a point,. What your missing hear is that Dim mak does exist, if you dont belive me ask someone to kick you in the groin, there is plenty of evidence out there, the argument is whether it is a one touch knock out or just intense pain,.

Check the works of Earl Montegue his skills are real I have trained with a student of his here in Florida and Ive been knocked for a loop with a Fa jing strike also you dont need to hit a person at a certain time of day The Dim Mak that Master Montegue Teaches is definetly a fighting art his books and DVDS are very informative as well. The energy pathways mentioned in acupuncture and arts which claim Dim Mak strikes are totally different to the circulatory system. Chi is a philosophical concept which is not needed, nor should it be associated with, the martial arts.

Groin kicks are not Dim Mak. Punches to the chin are not Dim Mak. If this were the case, every single strike in Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate which are ALL directed at such points as the chin, nose, thigh, etc could be classified as such. You are being a smartass and you know it. Even if that was the case, then Dim Mak would be nothing special at all, since every martial art in existence applies it. Some people assume if it works then it proves the explanations people give for it, this is not the case. For example the WTBA dim-mak strikes are effective, however they can all be explained in terms of how they affect the body itself and not meridian lines,.

The meridians and the points along them are correlates of functional relationships, they are like a map kin this way, not like the land the map pertains to. Thus they are observations and projections of correlated relationships, not a first hand observation of the meridians themselves. I do not believe the point stiking system is of chinese origin, instead my research indicates that is hails from older systems introduced to China before China was even China, It used to be a group of non-unified kingdoms states and tribes, the idea that something hailing from that period is Chinese is analogous to saying that if China bought Finland then Fin Vikings are historically speaking: Chinese.

From the length of this on-going discussion it is obvious that there is great interest in this concept. I have collected and read as many books and videos that I can find that are considered be the best from Montaigue I have over a hunderd of his videos to our resident guru here Mr. First a question to Richard if he is still around, you mentioned a second volume that you would publish in your first, is that still in the works?? As its been a number of years from your first I was hoping you havent given up on it…. I am hoping so as there is very little quality material out there.

Human weapon All in One

In addition I would like to add my perspective here a very humble and limited one on dim-mak, its reality and mechanics. I also worked as a bouncer in New York City for 4 years and elsewhere for a total of 6 years, so I have been in many fights and have learned by trial and painful error the best way to quickly end an altercation. Also, as I have said I have collected the best material on dim-mak that I could find and have been studying it for a few years now. First, on the basic anatomical considerations for point striking, it is obvious that there are points on the body that are more susceptible to strikes then others.

One of the things I learned while bouncing si that punches to the head carry a number of dangers for the punchers fist, I have broken knuckles and have numerous scars from those issues. After time I learned to concentrate on the soft tissue areas such as the neck and certain areas of the torso.

Many of which coincide with dim-mak points, CV22, BL10, st9, st10, st16, th17, many GB points etc the list goes on and on. Strikes to these areas work and can be devastating… I know, I have seen it. As for the acupuncture basis and the arguments against its reality, if you were to search medline for acupuncture you will find a number of studies into this healing art and I have a number of books authored by MDs detailing the points and their uses.

So there is some basis for its reality in western medicine. Now the trouble with this art in western medicine is the fact that there is no way to quantify or perform physical tests for the mechanisms behind their effects and being that western medicine is predicated on being able to in some way break down a treatment into observable measurements, the acceptance of the results are usually in varrying degree of doubt. Being that dim-mak is based on the concepts of acupuncture that doubt is carried over to the art. But, as I have stated there is research that shows that there are effects and it can be usueful while there has been difficulty in pin pointing the exact mechanism behind them.

This brings us to the concept that is at the basis of the difficulty in providing a mechanism behind it all that is acceptable to the west and that is the concept of chi. No one has eve been able to measure, quantify or prove of its existence. But, from my studies I believe that with our current technology we will never be able to measure or prove it, as it is the basis for the very foundation of all that exists IMHO.

From what I can put together chi may just be the same thing that theoretical physics is just now starting to understand as the energy that fuels creation and makes up our reality. So as it is, it would be impossible for any instrument to measure it as that instrument would be made up of it.

La Violette, PH. We can measure the results of its actions such as electromagnetic radiation or the creation of matter but never actually measure it directly. Although, one thing pointed out in the book is that there was a study done by two psychics that attempted to visualize the sub-particle world and what was behind it that generates the particles and matter of our reality and they were able to visualize something that was very close to what is now believed to be the pattern created by this energy.

This points to the ability of our sub conscious mind to be in some way connected and perhaps even to effect this energy, which leads to the possibility that chi if it is one and the same can be controlled by ones mind and maybe directed. This may be the mechanism behind those dim-mak strikes that arent purely anatomical in nature and require the ability to direct ones chi or effect the chi of the opponent. Well, there is so much more that can be discussed on this and it covers some very technical material in theoretical physics and biology.

I just wanted to dump my 2 cents thats what i think it worth anyway: But, I hope that one of the points that I am making here and a point that Mr. Walker has continually made throughout these comments is that dim-mak is not a simple subject that can be discarded based on watching MMA fights. Before you can shoot it down as many do, you really need to make an effort to learn about it. You will be surprised to find that many martial arts styles contain some level of dim-mak concepts behind them.

Even the japanese arts.. Walker and especially Erle Montiague. Since August , I have been assigned to Europe. So Grandmaster Walker and I have not yet been able to get together and complete it. Plus I put together some more combination striking tables as appendices, like we did in the first book. Thanks for the update, and of course for your ongoing sacrifice in Iraq in service to our country.

Classes and Lessons in Pressure Points

I hope you will return home soon. I also need to correct myself in the first comment as I confused you for Mr. Walker I should have double checked who was posting here and the corrections in my post should indicated that i was speaking of you comments here. I am just doing my small part in the war effort. There are a lot more folks deserving of such praise. On behalf of them, I thank you. I know what George Dillman has to say on the topic.

He believes that Kata is there to teach the pressure points… by learning the kata, you learn the correct response uke to specific types of attacks, including how to activate specific pressure points. There is a deep relationship between old, pedigreed kata and the original methods of teaching Dim Mak. In fact, the old kata always had three tiers of lessons buried within them, which were taught to students as they progressed.

Essentially, pedigreed kata represent a record of an old master, who wove the lessons from a fight or series of fights into a set of movements. Let me start off by saying alot of these comments are correct in a way but not all of them. Now as for the Count Dante comment i have to back him in all of his work and his style was never ever discredited at all. As far as the deaths in chicago that was the Dojo wars yes that happened yes they did bomb rival dojos and also have full contact matches much like the UFC of today.

I have studied under Grandmaster reynolds for many years earning a sandan in judo and a shodan in Jujutsu and also was on his stealth team for ninjitsu and also studied Kendo and Iado. The Mystery of dim mak came to me during my teachings of ninjitsu. Does it work? Yes it does it is very real can a person just read a book and watch a video and do it nope not a chance. Is there a delayed death strike? Yes there is i will get to that subject later. Before you can even start to begin to unlock the mystery of Dim Mak i would first suggest doing what i did.

Please note some points have antidotes as others do not. I learned both sides of this art and i still to this day have more that i can learn and i continue to do so. You have the Hurting aspect and also the Healing aspect i would suggest learning them both. Alot of the mysteries of how to strike are actually in Tai chi. But honestly anyone with a good basis in any art can use dim mak but it is not as easy as hitting a point. There are setup points you must strike first also the way you block before you strike come into play by this i mean the way you disrupt the energy flow of your attacker.

While a down block would open certain points and an upwards block would open other ones. For those who dont know those are very vital points the NS points are my most favorite by striking certain points you can cause Neuroligical shutdown wich is a medical knockout. And can be done easily over time. I would suggest conditiong of the hands to an extreme as i did so that you can use a spear hand or knife hand very effectivly. I could go on all day about what points do what and how to strike them and even what the antidote is if there is one but some points do not have any.

As for the delayed death strike i will say this there is a point between the 7th and 8th rib wich struck properly will rupture the spleen the spleen will hold the blood for a decent amount of time it varies with the person could be a day could be three days could be 6 hours but once that bursts the person will die. So yes it can be done but without proper training. Best advice i can give for those trying to learn would be what i stated earlier the more you know about the human body the easier it is for you to break it down.

And i know what i am talking about i have been inducted into the international blackbelt hall of fame for the past three years and i am a mixed martial artist and i am an instructor but i do not teach dim mak it is not something you want to teach random students dim mak is a mystery a riddle if you will its secrets are in many different arts but tai chi holds many of its secrets. One more thing a person stated earlier in a post i forgot to comment on i was given a series of video tapes in the 90,s mailed to me from Erle Montiague i have studied hi system and though some think he is a bit crazy lol wich he may seem at times his style and study and focus on the art of Dim mak is priceless.

He has a very nice set of videos that will help one learn more about the art. If those tapes can still be obtained. Erle Montaigue wrote a book, with another man, called the Dim Mak encyclopedia, but I am pretty sure he still gives the translation of Death Touch. Holly bullshido, this thread dates back 3 years.

Seriously guys, hit lung 9, heart 2 and finger 4 to disable someone…. By the time you check your notes for the time of day of week cross referenced by which figure twist you should apply to the lung 9. Im an 18 year old student from South Africa. I have read most of the posts on this form about the art of Dim Mak, and i woeld love to learn more about this art. But only to find that there are no Senseis to teach me this art in South Africa.

I woeld like to ask the masters on this form to send me some tips and names of books to teach me the art of Dim Mak. Ive been doing karate for more than 7 years but I stil dont feal like I can defend myslef in evryday life. If I swung a bat at someone they would hear it, but would not see it more than blur. No way it could be blocked or deflected without another weapon. What is with the 3 pressure point thing? A student of Jerry, lets call him Bruce, was beginning to develop his energy to a high level. My teacher says that it gets to a point where it can become dangerous as the student has yet to learn how to control this level of energy.

One day a friend of Bruce came up behind him and friendly slapped Bruce on the back. The friend performing the slap received a shock from Bruce unintentionally and the friend went into cardiac arrest. Luckily the friend did not die. I did also meet a friend of a student of Jerry Alan Johnson who was also taught a technique of delayed death touch. I imagine the techniques Jerry taught take many years of chi-kung practice and knowledge of acupuncture points.

The site is free, and perhaps the most comprehensive biomedical site on the web. It has all PubMed and MedLine documents, plus mililons more including full-text journal articles and a large database of theses and dissertations. With all do respect to all believers of Dim Mak. It is fantasy to think a person can tap several locations and knock a person out or even kill them. However, back here in the real world by the time you have tried to tap my meridian points or picked which organ you want to fail I will have already grabbed you brought you to the floor and ground and pounded you.

I respect an enjoy all martial arts but they are not some mystical voo doo like practice that give you magical powers. If you are interested in self improvement exercise and personal protection by all means take a self defense course. Find a martial arts form that appeals to you. It simply does not exist. As a practitioner of martial arts and law enforcement officer I assure you there are no magical spots to kill with a limited amount or lack there of significant force in the strike. But I can assure you if you hit someone really hard in certain areas death is possible. Let me explain if you have enough mass along with enough velocity and you hit an object you have what is called an impact.

This impact can be analyzed using the laws of thermal dynamics such as for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. If you tap me in 3 locations there will be an equal and opposite reaction of nothing happening. With all due respect prof. You are a nut! And if you put you hand in front of a gun while it is being fired I promise it will have a hole in it or be gone. Unfortunately naive and impressionable people read this site and you put them at great risk of injury spouting this garbage.

I assure you that you do not have special powers you can not see in infrared and if you come across anybody with any kind of real life martial arts training they will devour you. Go sell crazy some where else we are all stocked up here. I think somebody else may have already refrenced this you tube video but I think it bares repeating. I have been practicing martial arts for the last nineteen years. This is what I have found there are three martial art styles from which all other martial arts come from or are a branch of: Moe Doe, Shaolin and Wu Dang.

Each of these styles has two components: Internal and external. The external styles are hard forms and the internal styles are soft and slow. After that, those hard styles would cause damage to your body because they tear your muscles and joints but your body cannot recover since you are not young any more. To prove my point how many people past their 40 do you see starting Karate or Viet Vo Dao?

They use that also use a lot of herbs and pressure points. You can start practicing those styles at any age and get better and better as the years go bye. In most of the external styles you could get better at defending yourself after practicing for a few years.

With internal styles a few practices would improve your strength and health condition as well as your self defense. A few years of practice will give you a set of movements to help you heal yourself when stricken with some discomforts and illnesses. It is amazing how many people call themselves masters and grand masters. I suspect Because grand masters had to prove their skills and abilities in their styles by being ables to demonstrate about or more set of skills that only grand masters and masters could perform. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? La Tourrette. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Shows the exact Pressure points to strike and what part of your body to strike with.

This is for educational purposes only! Within the book it not only shows you how to knock out your opponent with Dim Mak Pressure Points, But it also shows you how to recessatate them. This will extremely help with the reading. This is NOT your cost, it will be a Free bonus. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows
Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows
Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows
Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows
Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows
Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows
Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows Pressure Points | Dim Mak | Ancient Death Blows

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