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The film, which has the look and feel of authenticity, opens with a one-sided British victory over IRA troops that tried to occupy Dublin's main post office.


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Collins sees, correctly, that if the IRA adopts conventional tactics, it will be destroyed by the British troops, and so he argues for a strategy in which IRA men melt into the crowds, are indistinguishable from civilians, and disappear after sudden strikes. This approach is good enough to force the British to the negotiating table despite the intransigence of Winston Churchill , even though De Valera continues to argue for more conventional methods; he seems to feel diminished by not leading a proper-looking army.

The movie moves confidently when it focuses on Collins and his best friend and co-strategist Harry Boland Aidan Quinn.

Michael Collins - Score by Eliot Goldenthal (Full Album/OST)

But it falters with the unnecessary character of Kitty Kiernan Julia Roberts , who is in love with both men, and they with her. You without him I can't imagine it. Collins, who died at 31, was arguably the key figure in the struggles that led to the separation of Ireland and Britain.

He was also, on the basis of this film, a man able to use violence without becoming intoxicated by it. The film argues that if he had prevailed Ireland might eventually have been united, and many lives might have been saved. We will never know. But De Valera was right. History has judged Collins at his expense.

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This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on:. Release Date October 1, Styles Original Score Soundtracks. Rainy Day.

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Track Listing. Easter Rebellion. Elliot Goldenthal. Fire and Arms.

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Train Station Farewell. Winter Raid. Elegy for a Sunday. Football Match. On Cats Feet. Defiance and Arrest.

  1. Hypnose au quotidien (Voies positives) (French Edition).
  2. The Reasons.
  3. Michael Collins Boyhood;
  4. HOW TO HAVE PERFECT PEACE (Isaiah 26:3-4 Applied).
  5. Matter Heart.

Train to Granard. Boland Returns Kitty's Waltz.

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His Majesty's Finest. Boland's Death. Home to Cork. Civil War. Collins' Proposal. An Anthem Deferred. She Moved Through the Fair. Dermot MacMurrough. Easter Rebellion Elliot Goldenthal. Fire and Arms Elliot Goldenthal. Train Station Farewell Elliot Goldenthal.

Michael Collins (Love Theme) Michael Collins (Love Theme)
Michael Collins (Love Theme) Michael Collins (Love Theme)
Michael Collins (Love Theme) Michael Collins (Love Theme)
Michael Collins (Love Theme) Michael Collins (Love Theme)
Michael Collins (Love Theme) Michael Collins (Love Theme)
Michael Collins (Love Theme) Michael Collins (Love Theme)
Michael Collins (Love Theme) Michael Collins (Love Theme)

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