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These assumptions can mean that a business never has a chance to succeed. So often, new entrepreneurs start a business and assume that everything is going to go exactly as they expect. They have this plan laid out before them about the revenue, the scale of the business, and the changes in the future, and they assume this plan will work to the letter.

The world of wrong assumptions

Nothing will ever happen as you expect. If you know that, you will be better prepared for dealing with issues as they come up.

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When a company has been running successfully for years, things are very different than they will be in a start-up. You cannot assume you can handle a start-up just like an existing business and go the same path. For example, an existing business already knows the customer, knows what they want and what they need, and understands how to resolve issues with those customers.


20 Wrong Assumptions People Have Made Based On How I Look

As a start-up, you know virtually nothing. Try turning it around. Do you believe that other people can read your mind? Would you rather that someone make up a story an assumption about what you are thinking and feeling?

Reading ASSUMPTIONS About Me *I CRIED* (INSTAGRAM Q&A) - Piper Rockelle

Or, would you prefer that they ask you? When you ask instead of assume, you may not always get an answer you like or expect.

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Still, asking is much better than making up your own story because then you are in the position to make an informed next step. Asking questions seems like an easy thing to do so why don't we do it more often? Why do we sometimes become paralyzed when it comes time to:. It goes something like this. Let's say you see a prospective client at a networking event, he sees you too but when you try to approach him for a chat he leaves abruptly.

That is all that happened, you don't know why he had to leave and yet your mind starts making up a story, an assumption. You might think he doesn't like you or that he isn't interested in your business. That may or may not be true but why bother thinking negative thoughts when you don't really know the reason he left. If you want to know the reason, ask! You may find out that he just went outside to put money in a parking meter, that he had a family emergency, or something else which was not related to you at all.

So how do you do it? Well, he was on vacation but what I did was find a different way to get to the same outcome. On the not assertive part, that was more difficult because it was absolutely true about me and that required a significant behavioral shift for me. And I did that by starting to change my behavior, such as going proactively to the assignments manager and requesting to be put on particular live deals, rather than sitting back and waiting for them to come to me.

What I told Tara was, yes, you can decide not to wear your ring.

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My father is a prominent scientist. My mother is a physician and my uncles are senior officers in government. I have a lot to live up to and I hope I can do that here. By doing that, you can move onward and upward in your career. What assumptions are others making about you, and what myths do you need to dispel? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below so that we can all help you to move ahead even faster.

Why Assumptions Are Bad for Business

I think this is great. What is important is to ask questions rather than just make assumptions or even assume what others think. Set the expectations at the outset if possible, being truthful and authentic, filling in the gap if needed to be or not being something one is not. I had a client who recently found himself unemployed because he spent too much of his energy on trying to be nice and fit it; compare the company he worked for with the other organizations he previously worked for not realizing each organization is different and has its own culture and his thinking was negative ; and be truthful in that he lacked the skills required for his role and needed to make up the deficiency ASAP.

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  • There would have been time to resolve and not be let go had he realized his own perception in his thinking and being negative of others. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Mustafa. And I also like your point about asking questions, setting expectations, and being authentic. Good advice! Thanks- this was a really helpful exercise. I think this also really applies to entrepreneurs because people often make assumptions about your business based on how you dress or where you come from.

    7 Assumptions Smart People Never Make

    Glad that this was helpful to you. And you are absolutely right — this applies to entrepreneurs as well. Your email address will not be published.

    Wrong Assumptions Wrong Assumptions
    Wrong Assumptions Wrong Assumptions
    Wrong Assumptions Wrong Assumptions
    Wrong Assumptions Wrong Assumptions
    Wrong Assumptions Wrong Assumptions
    Wrong Assumptions Wrong Assumptions
    Wrong Assumptions Wrong Assumptions
    Wrong Assumptions Wrong Assumptions

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