Life Salad: Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth

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In my opinion all good interior or garden design should encourage introspection, meditation, rest and a sense of well-being. If you are looking to improve your garden, smaller artworks can be placed in bird baths, succulent containers, or next to your favorite flowers, or trees. Additionally, an enchanting woodland design could also be something to experiment with. This creates not only a wonderful relaxed and natural look to your space, but will also be a real bonus for song birds and wildlife. Simply try and arrange crystals in a pleasing pattern throughout your plot; marking trails and flower beds to install a shimmering border around the perimeters of your garden.

Put them preferably where the sun will hit them, casting patches of dancing light all around. Butterflies and other insects will come and use the shiny reflective surface to help warm themselves and dry dew off their wings.

See a Problem?

So just have fun, get creative, be silly and I guarantee you that the nature spirits will also appreciate your efforts. Mineral awareness is soaring and the acceptance of geodic power is growing. So this is the perfect time to do your bit for the environment, experience modern wellness and a renaissance of holistic living. A sphere is one of the most powerful forms crystals can be arranged into, because this shape emits the same positive frequency in all directions and it is easy to feel the power coming off it.

We exist in a third- dimensional world, and we experience everything about life through this existence. We seek to find answers in the material world, rather than the other realms. Our heart is much more than an organ to sustain life. There is also a spiritual and emotional aspect to our heart.

It is here in this sacred space that we hold and cherish the love and emotional attachment of all those people who are dear to us. It is held as a spark of light or a vibrational note. This forms an invisible cord which emotionally attaches to the heart of another person. The depth and strength of these sparks of light is dependent on the relationship we have with that person.

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Those who are closest to us will hold the strongest cords. From birth we begin to embrace these energetic sparks. Some will grow and become stronger, through our love and respect of that person. The more it is nurtured so the stronger and deeper then strength of then love shall grow. Other lights will remain, yet become tarnished through trouble and strife between the two people.

These lights will no longer be as bright and the invisible cord shall become more fragile. Some people will fade from our lives and as we begin to forget them so the cord shall perish and die.

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The light may be dampened and the cord may be severed by the breaking of relationships. This may occur following a divorce, family feuds or bitter arguments that cannot be reconciled.

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As the cords are uncoupled we may feel a physical pain in our hearts as the cords between couples, family or friends are uncoupled. At such times we may have a sense of loss or emptiness as indeed we are. We are without the love of another and our physical hearts sometime feel this absence in our hearts.

But where it is felt most profoundly is at the point of death of someone close to us. When someone we love dies they immediately begin a journey, moving away from this dimension as they depart for home. As they depart the planet, so their energy begins to unravel. It becomes disengaged and unhooked from all those emotional, spiritual ties held in the hearts of other people. How we perceive this uncoupling process and severing will depend on our relationship with that person, the depth and strength of the love we shared.

In other words how much we have fed and nurtured the spark and how long we have held the heart ties. The manner in which the separation takes place will also have a profound impact on the actual uncoupling process. Was the departure expected or unexpected? How ready were we for the point of departure? All this will have an impact. Often when we lose someone close to us, it feels as if our heart is breaking.

We ache for the physical presence of that person in our lives. In some ways it is not just an emotional experience. Our heart can physically ache and feel physical pain when thinking of the departing loved one. We can also experience this pain during relationship break ups, divorce, family feuds etc. Scientifically it has been proven you can die from a broken heart.

It is called broken heart syndrome which is said to cause chest pain and sudden heart failure, believed to be brought on by a surge of fight or flight hormones. While the flight hormones are good for us, in large doses they can be quite toxic to the heart. While does not always cause death, it can be fatal. At the point of uncoupling the heart has had a very important and powerful emotion ripped from it. It is going to take time to heal itself and to recover from this tragedy. In cases of very powerful relationships, the person left here can feel, emotionally unstable, unable to control their emotional states.

This is part of the grieving process. Not in the physical sense, but in the emotional state. Awareness of this energy spark and link may not be able to stop the pain of separation or loss, it will not change anything. However it can go some way help us to begin to heal ourselves. Acknowledging and recognising the emotional uncoupling of energy can help us to balance our energy field.

Once we are aware of the process our heart is going through we can begin ease the pain by realising what is happening to us. We can begin to fill the gaps with a balancing or healing energy. We can feel the physical pain and know what is happening to us. No doubt the strength and depth of the love and the manner in which we were uncoupled will have a big impact on how we recover from the process. It is pointless to try to hold onto the energy or vibration.

Whether the uncoupling is through death or bitter disputes. Sometimes we have to accept there is nothing we can do apart from trying to heal ourselves and to support our heart while is goes through the painful process of both physical and emotional loss. We are learning to crawl and walk, taking steps in awareness and learning new ways of living in our advancement of humanity and spiritual development. She is stringing words together to communicate and getting frustrated when she is not understood.

In a world of new with no manual; fraught with dangers and misunderstanding; picking her way through the melee with her parents and family guidance who are introducing safety precautions and teaching her how to live in the world safely. Cosmic cascades of awakening energy are causing mixed consciousness realisations as we grow. She often wants to retreat home where her environment is calmer, familiar and safe. Of course, this is a similar experience for many of our sensitives and empaths who retreat, shying from interacting due to hurtful experiences, inadequate information, knowledge of how to deal with life.

The Cosmic transitional times we are experiencing in are very different from ten years ago. Life can feel chaotic and we need all the help we can get to pick through the melee that we find ourselves negotiating at this time. The Aquarian age is pushing us to develop internal connections, to advance emotionally and psychologically and jettison old out-dated ways of living.

Tony Robbins: How to Discipline Yourself ( Tony Robbins Coaching )

We need to embrace a new Aquarian age - advancing humanity, developing dormant areas of the brain and nervous system and creating a loving and compassionate life. Tolerance and emotional intellectual structure of acceptance and nurturing the self. Essentially, the spiritual self has been starved for eons! Many of us are looking for spiritual answers and travelling the world looking for clues: when inside is key, activating from dormant to alive. We seem to have missed the point regarding our spiritual development from Aquarian eyes. We have been led down paths of diversion and wasted time, instead of advancing.

Diversion is a mix of many parts - key is internal vision avoiding external route most individuals take. The real advancement is to Awaken the Soul self. December was no exception, we experienced amazing, transitional times. A special Cosmic revolution occurred, equivalent to Many who knew the significance of , and especially Actually, Happy Days.

We began moving forward to embrace Unity, Oneness and LOVE and now six years of transformation has already taken place. At the end of , the universe gave a bigger push into Aquarian toddler stage. Another giant step for physical, emotional and mental transition for all, dismantling old and infusing new. My, how evolution works! Many phases have unfolded over the years, at different time frames. Personally, I would have preferred a less laboured train leaving the station.

In , still heavy from the onslaught of negativity and injustice eliminating so much as it went flying off as speed gathered. Six years on, we continue to experience further adjustments which were put in place during th December So here we are, more portals and phases of sublime energies synching and radiating to the planet from above and Gaia radiating to us. Democracy of the self is the theme, cherry pick or ignore in our own Brexit from old?

All will be highlighted as the new energies are cascaded to Gaia. Happy days. In this phase, our Soul groups and soul connections are focused. These will be happier times and will open a different concept and pathway to us, allowing us to feel love, inner power and ignition of the 3-fold-flame held in the heart chakra 4th. This will help us to feel more grounded, to be in the natural flow of life instead of pushing against it.

The key to this evolution is choice. We can embrace and move faster or slow the process down, it is an individual choice. Empaths and sensitives will sigh with relief as they feel more comfortable with NEW familiar energies flooding planet earth. The energies have flavours of OMNI meaning every-. Globally all will be in the spotlight. This new energy can show itself in insomnia, restless sleep, tiredness and irrational emotions seemingly stemming from nowhere , highlighting misalignment and separation of the self.

The journey to self-alignment-synching and unity has begun. The frequencies were advising to walk away from what no longer serves and move towards healthier living, positive people with a life of grace and ease. Essentially, we are living in pioneering times and will all continue to instigate change on different levels, highlighting the neglect and lack in our lives and promoting tolerance, nurturing and love for the self and others.

We will be learning about the deeper aspects of Love and self-awareness. Joy Wisdom teaches accordingly, offering new approaches with assistance and learning to help transition during the amazing times in which we live. She offers a valuable toolbox to help us deal with the remarkable times we live in.

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  8. She is a pioneer of change and offers new visions of a healthy and lengthy future. Reach out for the helping hand of Allonus; grab it with both hands and accelerate change. Save Yourself, Save Your Soul. Workshops begin February E intuitive Body-Mind-Emotion revolutionary Therapy training www. We no doubt vowed to scurry to the gym, learn to abseil, run a marathon or sip green tea and increase our daily intake of fruit and vegetables and even decide to become our inner vegan.

    Perhaps now it is time to consider what really lies beneath all of these choices and why we do or do not achieve these goals. Perhaps it is time to consider our soul. Will we meet that special someone? Will we progress in our career, move home, travel to exotic places? We overlook this very important part of our being and so as Spring appears maybe it is time for a re-connection to that part of us that is the crux of who we are, the part that knows why we as an individual are here.

    These are all important life questions and along with the answers and subsequent evidence of life after death and the continuance of the soul such medium readings offer, there is an opportunity to investigate deeper questions. Often at this time of the year psychics and mediums are approached for help and guidance with what the New Year has in store for us.

    Why does the soul exist? Why does it continue beyond physical death? If it is so important after death why do we ignore it in life? Our own guidance system, our soul has maybe a greater role in our lives than we think. One train of thought is that the soul is in the driving seat of our lives, the reason for our life itself- that our soul is here to learn, to experience the duality of life, to feel emotion, to move forward, express our true being and unique self, to be of service to the world reflecting our divine spark within and in this way evolve.

    Your soul knows why you are here, it knows how important you are in the jigsaw of life, and it knows just what you are here to learn, experience or even teach. I am really going to get in touch with my soul. The New Year is a time for reflection, contemplation of new beginnings to expand mind and body. We look at ways to invigorate the grey matter of our wonderfully diverse brain. We consider new courses to progress our career, promise ourselves to learn a new language or to attempt Su Doku and the Cryptic Crossword on a regular basis to exercise our thought processes.

    He suggests that when you truly consider yourself without selfishness or arrogance but through calm compassion for your soul, then you can understand how to allow and accept this in another soul. As you begin to love yourself and see your true essence you begin to see this in others too and so all your relationships benefit.

    Then the universe really gets to work attracting to you what you allow and accept matching the level of your awakened vibration. Usually the universe gives you what your soul needs rather than what you want. In this way your learning is progressed and your soul evolution continues.

    Being aware of your unique soul gifts in your everyday life you can start to see life from a different perspective not one expected by society but one reflecting your true self. Once you have connected to your inner being, getting in touch with your feelings, paying attention to your natural instincts and intuitions, then knowing who you are, loving who you are as you are now, then other parts of life fall in place naturally. For instance, you may find a clearer direction for what the mind needs to learn next to progress in your career, from this you may achieve a new job, then self-esteem increases and then love and appreciation for the beautiful physical vessel your soul resides in begins, which leads you to take care of your body.

    In other words, a renewal from the inside out!! Your soul is the essence of who you are; it should be connected to, cared for and cossetted as much as the body and the mind. When all three are beautifully attended to and aligned and balanced then you can move forward through your experiences, lessons and challenges, centred, grounded yet connected to the higher being within yourself feeling truly invigorated, refreshed and ready for the year ahead and even the years beyond.

    Your soul is the true you, it is here to learn, experience, evolve and to add value to the world, a more connected you, a more awakened you, you are here because YOUR soul matters!! He finds himself on one of the several Fiji Islands deserted, surrounded by a impassable coral reef, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

    Angel Olsen on Finding Inner ‘Boss Lady,’ Audacious New LP – Rolling Stone

    Helpless and isolated in a paradisiac landscape, he faces quickly his vulnerability and his lack of skills needed to survive in wild, unknown nature. The audience discovers a pathetic little man, we could say. Which leads to the question - What would you bring with you on a desert island? I hope, for your sake, you choose fortitude. Because this essential, specific capacity would give you the ability to survive during these never-ending years, against devastating loneliness, loss of all reference points and relentless austerity of such a difficult condition.

    In such difficult circumstances, Ego would feel humiliated because it would be of no help to you. Ego is quickly superseded by the inner strength the character in the film discovers through the eyes of a child growing eventually to self-sufficiency. What do we see? A huge and complex mess made of emotional, sexual and energetic addictions, society, work and family liabilities - all providing a continuous call to action.

    Power, action, comfort, safety are keywords in this modern, wealthy society and yet paradoxically, despite our achievements and potential we are capable of destroying ourselves with the weapons we have at our disposal. From an early age, the young citizen is trapped in the inevitable dependency on his parents.

    Throughout his youth, he has been guided and controlled by rules and orders as boring and restricting as possible. Weekends are rushed with a very tight schedule. The person drowns in an ocean of similar successive activities; obligations; responsibilities; commitments; rules; laws; disciplines; vocation; principles; patriotism: the endless words valuing the Ego describe these overwhelming behaviours, conditions, habits and compulsions. His vision of life is completely different. By overcoming his own fears; giving up his whims; going through his demanding self-obsession; the meaning of life appears to Chuck Noland.

    The clue is in his name - No Land! The lesson of the film is that when our hero realizes he is without homeland or properties, he rediscovers life. This meaning is a discovery far beyond reassuring mindfulness, separate to the fears and limitations our parents and society planted in the core of each authentic, single being. It is not something that can be learned by training or going on a workshop for a few days. Sooner or later, Life gives you an opportunity to let go of the heavy burden of your life weighing down on your frail shoulders.

    You can feel it already - it makes you feel scared because you understand that you have to jump at the chance straightaway, without waiting around too long to figure it out. When we go out walking, what do we see, hear, do or think? But do we take our surroundings for granted and forget to be grateful for their presence in our lives? If we walk more mindfully, there are many interesting views that can lift the spirit. There are bright green leaves, daffodils and primroses, catkins and the vibrant yellow flowers of gorse whose perfume is similar to a Pina Colada cocktail.

    Many early spring flowers are yellow, an uplifting colour linked with the solar plexus and emotions, giving a boost to our mood. We could touch these flowers, take in their simple beauty and aroma and thank them for being here. They bring to mind the cycle of nature, these plants in tune with the seasons and being of service to the Earth by providing pollen for the bees.

    The roots, leaves and flowers of many of our plants can also be used for food or remedies, and our ancestors would forage the countryside for them. The humble dandelion, for example, has edible young leaves that can be added to salads or steeped in hot water for tea. The bright yellow petals can also be added to salads: dandelion is a natural diuretic, helping to flush toxins from our bodies.

    The oft-maligned common nettle is packed with protein and vitamin C, and can ease the pain of arthritis. Many such common plants are used in mystical practices too: the dandelion is associated with the planet Jupiter, whilst the nettle is linked with Mars and is used in spells for protection. On our walk we shall also hear birdsong and the rustling of animals in the bushes, reminding us that mysticism surrounds birds and animals too, often considered as omens by our ancestors.

    The cuckoo is believed to predict a visitor coming to stay, whilst the kingfisher represents contentment and the pheasant success. We might see a fox, symbolising a trickster or maybe a teacher to guide us through a tricky situation, or an adder caught unawares basking in the sunshine and promising fertility, healing or transformation. Even the common cow symbolises wealth and abundance, since our ancestors considered owning cattle a status symbol. They show such exuberance for life in the moment and their pure enjoyment of freedom shines through as they run, barking out their happiness, crashing through waves, dragging seaweed along in a game and chasing seabirds to watch them fly away.

    They behave like we did as children — but when did we last freely enjoy ourselves like this, running and playing and laughing out loud? Social norms can stagnate us so we believe we should behave in more restrained ways. Even a walk through town can become a mindful experience. Some of the ancient names still survive on shops, pubs and other buildings. How many people are smiling and actually interacting with others in a happy way?

    Sometimes we simply take a walk when we need to mull over a particular problem, but often our thoughts and worries leave no space in our minds for new ideas to have the freedom to roam there. A good way to create this space is to focus on our breathing: slowing it down, counting our breaths, paying attention to the chest moving up and down and sensing the cold air through the nose before entering our lungs.

    These habits help us to feel more free and at peace with the world around us, learning from our new encounters and new perspectives. When we walk, we can become more mindful of who we are, of our environment and of nature as our senses tune into our world and the part we play within it. Everything in creation has a pulse, from the movements of the planets, to the beating of our heart. The use of sound and music for healing and re-balancing is not a new phenomenon. Sound has been used therapeutically for thousands of years by Ancient Cultures to relax, soothe, and de-stress, as well as heal and alter consciousness- beyond the sense of emotional well-being, to have a healing effect on the body at cellular level.

    The whole Universe is in a state of vibration. Every organism, object, and every part of the human body is made up of vibrating particles called atoms that vibrate at their own vibrational rate, a unique resonant frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates. Ultimately, we are a symphony of sounds and pulses and are connected to all life through these rhythms and beats.

    It makes sense that if we are all vibrating with sound, we can use sound to promote healing in our lives. Through sound, we can change the rhythms of our brain waves, our heart beat, and our respiration. The principles of Sound Healing are: Vibrational FrequencyEverything vibrates at a certain frequency. The frequency of waveforms is measured in cycles per second. The rate at which everything vibrates. When two objects of similar frequency come together, they are resonating. Forced resonance is when you apply a powerful harmonic sound vibration to a person and that person begins to resonate at the cellular level.

    If someone is out of balance, out of sync, and you apply a strong harmonic sound as in Sound Healing session, they will begin to synchronize and return to balance. There are many methods and styles of Sound Healing available to us today. Beautiful tools like, gongs, drums, singing bowls, music, the human voice and tuning forks, to name but a few, are being used by Healers all over the world. As this is the February edition of More to Life, it would only be appropriate to mention the purpose and intention of the Heart Chakra and connection to Sound Healing.

    The fourth Chakra is situated in the centre of the chest around the area of the heart. This Chakra is represented by colour green, secondary colour is pink. It is the foundation of the astral body and the connection between our physical and spiritual body, it is driven by love. It influences forgiveness, compassion, empathy, trust, equilibrium, and ease with our lives.

    It governs all of our relationships. If your Heart Chakra is an area where you require healing, here is an exercise that might help. Chakra Toning is a powerful technique to resonate and balance your Heart Chakra using vowel sounds. Vowels carry the information energy of speech. In ancient Sanskrit, Hebrew, Chinese etc the vowel words are considered to be sacred. In other words the vowel sounds carry intention and focus. Start by sitting comfortably on a chair or on a cushion on the floor. Try to keep your spine as straight as possible, allowing energy to flow more freely through your body.

    It is toned in a higher pitched voice and is the sound that embodies compassion. You can also visualise the colour green if you wish. Focus your energy and intent for balancing and energising your Heart Chakra before toning. The pitch will change according to the person, mood, diet, activities, emotional states etc on a daily basis. There is no set frequency. Breath in deeply and imagine the energy of each breath coming in to your body through your Heart Chakra, this can help to focus your awareness.

    The Heart Chakra is the seat of the soul. We are given opportunities every day in our lives to honour and allow this Chakra to help us shine in the light of love. It is precious so take good care of it. Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology.. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.

    Getting to know yourself looks set to take centre stage over the weeks ahead as you take some time out from the humdrum of daily life in order to gain a clearer sense of direction when it comes to your true priorities. You are usually quite fiery of spirit: a determined soul, full of anticipation, with an often unwavering dedication to living the best life possible.

    However, over recent weeks and months, there has been a sense of hesitation within you, as though you have not felt quite sure of your strengths or goals. This doubt has unsettled you as you are not used to feeling this way. Yet, this is all part of the process of shifting from quality over quantity and seeking out a more enriching and fulfilling way of living and being. These changes have been a long time coming, but you are beginning to contemplate your true priorities and, in the process, letting go of a great deal. Your hesitation comes from an appreciation of the enormity of this task, as well as the realisation that you are about to embark on an exciting, brand-new chapter of your life….

    You have spent a long time trying to live up to the somewhat high expectations you have of yourself, and this has, over time, become quite a distraction, taking your focus away from what you truly want and towards the things you feel you ought to want or ought to be. Whilst this is an innately human thing to do, there is a sense that you have grown increasingly more aware of this recently and you have realised just how much of yourself you have sacrificed over the years. Whilst you are a naturally giving and generous soul, you seem ready now to reclaim your sense of self in order to give yourself the best opportunity to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out.

    The more you get to know yourself, the more you will re-establish balance and harmony, and lay out some new ground rules for the road ahead…. Of course, in many ways such a realisation bothers you as you love to make sense of the world but making peace with the idea that you may never solve all of the puzzles in your life is a sign that you are finding new ways to flourish and thrive.

    In many ways, you are in unchartered terrain, as your life has always been shaped and defined by the questions you ask and the problems you resolve, and by opening up to allowing life to flow even when questions remain unresolved, you are allowing yourself to step beyond the boundaries of your consciousness and towards a brandnew way of living and being.

    However, this has often been at the cost of being yourself. The time has come for you to honour yourself more and to let your true colours shine brightly…. Although you spend much of your time keeping on keeping on, getting from a to b, there has always been room for you to consider the bigger picture and to keep your dreams held close to your heart.

    The theme of acceptance continues to take centre stage over the weeks and months ahead as you seek out new ways to create firmer foundations within your heart and soul. Self-compassion looks set to take centre stage in your life over the weeks and months ahead as you start to find new ways of living a more wholehearted, enriching and fulfilling life. Compassion has always oozed from every pore, but you have often found it difficult to turn this within. Of course, considering the bigger picture is not the same as taking action to make your dreams a reality, but the fact that you willingly look beyond the boundaries of your life is a sign you are growing and evolving with each and every passing day.

    Whilst you have kept your dreams held tenderly, there have been times when you have struggled to see how you can turn them into reality as there has been little room to manoeuvre between all of those things to do, people to see and places to go. However, the tides are turning, and you are beginning to see new ways to live the best life possible. These are exciting times and the more you open up your heart and soul towards your dreams, the more likely the spirit of happiness will come knocking…. This may seem a little contradictory, after all, if you accept the inevitable ebb and flow, how can you build firmer foundations?

    Well, the foundations come from a willingness to be at one with the changing currents rather than trying to calm them, change them or redefine them. Channel your creativity and find new ways of living the best life possible. This is partly because you are usually so busy being everything to everyone else, but it also comes from your tendency to overlook your own needs; you judge yourself harshly and often dismiss your soul when it reaches out to you for tenderness and compassion. Although, on some level, you are aware of this, you rarely find the time to acknowledge this imbalance which has, over time, led to a restlessness within your heart and soul.

    Whilst you still have goals to strive for, try not to judge yourself for not doing enough or being enough, instead learn how to wholeheartedly love yourself and to offer yourself some tenderness and compassion. As you continue to find new ways to grow and develop your roots, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel steadier and more centred when it comes to dealing with the seemingly constant flow of things to do, people to see and places to go.

    Expressing the depths of your soul continues to take centre stage over the weeks ahead as you begin to find new ways to access your inner world. You have always been something of a master juggler, keeping many different batons up in the air at any one time. Each baton represents a different goal or dream, talent or skill, and you seem to flourish when you are surrounded by opportunities and possibilities.

    Your life is always busy, and you often thrive on this as staying in one place for too long can leave you feeling stagnant and flat. However, balance is important, as even someone like you needs rest and quiet in order to re-charge, as well as finding the time to re-establish your sense of self in an otherwise busy world.

    Over the weeks and months ahead there is a sense that you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life, one that brings both change and steadiness at the same time. Whilst you may not, as yet, have a clear sense of what this involves or where this will take you, you are already feeling a sense of anticipation rising up from deep within your heart and soul. Your life will always be busy, but you seem ready now to establish a brand-new way of living and being…. You have always been an intuitive and creative soul, with a vibrant and passionate nature, but this looks set to go to new heights now as you stop trying so hard to fit in and instead be the person you know yourself to be.

    However, times are changing! This is an opportunity to passionately express your creative depths and to acknowledge your true needs and priorities. You have spent a long time keeping on keeping on, doing your best and working hard, but you have lost sight of your inner well-being and feel slightly dishevelled as a result.

    After all, how can you make plans when you sense your big life purpose has yet to reveal itself? Your purpose is as clear as day; just close your eyes, take a breath and all will be revealed…. Even though you intuitively sense the need to hone your focus towards one or two key priorities, you struggle to let go of everything else.

    Having multiple interests suits you well but, over time, carrying them all with you all of the time can become more of a burden, like a rucksack stuffed with rocks. Yes, they may come in handy at some point, but you are a free spirit, and in order to soar you need to travel lightly! February 20 - March 20 Loving yourself wholeheartedly looks set to be the over-arching theme over the weeks ahead as you take a step back from the busy-ness of your life in order to see just how out of kilter you have become.

    You frequently throw yourself into life, rolling up your sleeves and doing your best for as many people as possible; you thrive on the challenge and love being useful. Read Story.

    Take the Next Step.

    Presentations Presentations 5 Holding Space. Finding Your Authentic Self. How to Create Healthy Partnerships. Learn how to shift your perspective to begin the process of creating the life you dream of! All Things That Matter Press,. Create Space,. New Beginnings. Taking Personal Responsibility for What is Ours. Do I Need a Guru?

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    Why choose me? Empowering audience members to thrive by teaching them how to live an authentic life! Social media. Similar to Amanda. Inspiravate Enterprises LLC. Motivational Speaker, Author, Confidence Coach.

    Life Salad:  Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth Life Salad: Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth
    Life Salad:  Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth Life Salad: Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth
    Life Salad:  Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth Life Salad: Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth
    Life Salad:  Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth Life Salad: Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth
    Life Salad:  Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth Life Salad: Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth

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